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If you fancy omitting deafening screams as you dig into your succulent BBQ ribs and crunchy coleslaw during your next family vacation, take note. A location that was integral to the 1974 horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre is being converted into a resting spot for all fans of the gruesome flick. Or for those who just love to be scared shitless during a casual break from the road.

Hailed as a "horror barbecue resort," the joint will open this summer on the premises that held the Last Chance gas station off Highway 304 in Bastrop, Texas. What's more is that Bilbo's Texas Landmark is also being very aptly re-named 'We Slaughter Barbecue.'

Those brave souls familiar with Tobe Hooper's cult classic will be able to relive the frightening happenings at the barbecue spot run by Drayton Sawyer, the patriarch of the cannibal family with a habit of serving up its customers piping hot bowls of human chili. If you need a grizzly reminder of the unsettling story, here's the original trailer:

Since the movie, the rural building had fallen into heavy disrepair and was closed for decades. That's until Ohio entrepreneur Roy Rose had the guts to buy it last year with intentions to convert it into a Texas Chainsaw Massacre mecca. Apparently, the businessman first saw the film on his 10th birthday and has been a huge fan since.

So much so, in fact, that Rose has managed to get horror legend Ari Lehman on board as a partner — the actor who is most notably known for bringing the first Jason Voorhees to life in the blood-curling '80s slasher classic Friday the 13th.

Although not much official information has been released quite yet, last year Rose spoke to KXAN local news, saying:

“We’re going to build a horror barbecue resort. We’re going to put cabins in the back for all the fans who want to come and stay the night. It’ll be a safe, and fun and scary place for families and everybody to come and have a good time.”
Roy Rose
Roy Rose

The horror attraction will be opening sometime in mid-July, 2016.

Would you have the guts to visit the 'We Slaughter Barbecue?'

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