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The Powerpuff Girls are back! Cartoon Network is producing a reboot for the toughest little girls in Townsville. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup will return for at least 40 new episodes, starting April 4!

Check out a brand new clip from the upcoming series here:

The original Powerpuff Girls series ran on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005. So what makes this version even better than the last?

Fresh Graphics

There's no denying animation has come a long way since the early 2000s. The executive producers of the new Powerpuff Girls didn't want to change the look of the classic cartoon too much, but they did decide to freshen up the graphics with slimmer lines and and an updated logo.

Talking about the image of the show, executive producer Nick Jennings told TVSeriesFinale:

The original show has such a strong graphic look, which is great. However, we also understand that our audiences today, and the way we tell stories are different, which goes along with how we’re trying to be a little more in-depth and realistic with our characters. The graphic quality of the original could be an impediment to audiences connecting with the material, so we softened that graphic look a little bit. We pulled back and tried to keep that mid-century sort of look. We wanted to keep a lot of the good stuff from the original show, but soften it a little bit in different areas.

He also mentioned a few specific additions you might notice in the reboot:

We did add a few little things: we added these little balls in Bubble’s hair and a sprig of hair on the back of Buttercup’s head, and we changed the size of Blossom’s bow.

New Voices

The characters themselves remain the same, but the voices behind Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles are three new young actresses.

Amanda Leighton, 22, plays Blossom, the type-A leader of the group. You might have seen her playing Emma in the TV series The Fosters.

Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr
Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr

Kristen Li is the voice of Bubbles, the artsy eccentric one in blue. Li has previously done cartoon voice work as an additional voice in Monsters University (2013).

Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr
Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr

Natalie Palamides brings Buttercup back to life. You might have seen her in Freaks Of Nature (2015), or you can catch her again in the remake of Uncle Buck, due for release later in 2016.

Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr
Source: Cartoon Network Tumblr

The Same Lovable Characters, But Maybe Even More Lovable!

Source: Cartoon Network
Source: Cartoon Network

Jennings described the feeling he and fellow producer Bob Boyle wanted to bring to the show:

For us, character is paramount, so we dig as deep as we can with the characters. You’ll be immediately enamored with these characters and connect with them. So, whatever they’re doing, whether it’s at home or fighting crime, you want to be with them because you like them.


Here's one more little clip to tide you over before The Powerpuff Girls premieres on April 4 on Cartoon Network!


Who's your favorite Powerpuff Girl?

Source: TVSeriesFinale


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