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In a series of enviable snaps uploaded to the Princess of Pop's Instagram account over the last few days, Britney Spears should have successfully shut down the haters suggesting she's photoshopping her bikini pics.

When Britney posted the below shot of her chilling poolside, it was met with criticism from some followers claiming the "skinny part" of her back has been majorly "photoshopped."

While it's unclear whether her frame was given a little retouching or not, what we do know is that the 34-year-old singer has been grooving her ass off in her Las Vegas residency show since December 2013, and is working damn hard for that killer figure.

Currently lapping up the Hawaiian sun in a well earned vacation with her sons, 10-year-old Sean Preston and 9-year-old Jayden James, the latest bikini snap from Ms. Spears provides all the info you should need about her super svelte physique.

As do these three ab-a-licious Insta's:

In other words, she's worked for that body, bitch.

What's your favorite Britney track?

Source: Insagram


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