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With nearly 5.4 million followers, Pitch Perfect-headliner Anna Kendrick doesn't hold back from sharing her daily struggles with the Twittersphere, reminding us that even celebrities can have trouble cutting veggies — while flirting a little with former co-stars along the way.

'Hi, I'm Anna'

On March 28, she summed up every lazy girl's night in the kitchen:

'What Kind Of Knife Do You Have?'

Thankfully, Kellan Lutz, her Twilight co-star and obvious match to the "strapping muscular man" description, was quick to respond.

If this sunglasses emoji isn't flirting, then I don't know what is.

'Twilight' Flirting

Which led to Kendrick dropping that vegetable story altogether and switching butternut squash for marshmallows:

S'mores or not, now we're all dying for a little Twilight reunion.

Kendrick's A Twitter Genius

If you're following her, you know that it's not the first time Kendrick has proven she's the realest and wittiest person on Twitter. From her sharp diet advice to dealing with that girl wearing the same dress as you, she knows what matters.

Thank you for all the wisdom, AnnaKendrick47.

Do you think Anna Kendrick and Kellan Lutz would make a cute couple?


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