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In the world of Twitter handles, one letter can make all the difference. Just ask 17-year-old Mert Alas, who is on the receiving end of social media mistaken identity. But not really in a bad way.

You See Mert Shares His Name With A Famous Celebrity Photographer

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

As well as the same name, Mert numero uno has what appears to be an identical handle to Mert numero dos. The only difference is a lower case l, rather than an uppercase L.

Mert numero dos (note to self — stop speaking Spanish) happens to be bezzie mates with none other than Kim Kardashian. Okay, great.

Well, Kim K Keeps Mistakingly Tagging Mert Number 1 On Twitter

To Which The Teenager Has Responded Numerous Times

But Kim K Still Keeps Making The Same Mistake

Oh, And So Did Miley Cyrus

But Good Old Mert Numero Uno Is Taking It All In His Stride

His story has even been picked up by Turkish publisher, Milliyet. In his interview with them, Mert confirmed there had been some upsides. He said:

“Before this I had 200 followers. Thanks to Miley Cyrus I got 600. And after Kim I got 65 more.”

What celebrity would you like to be mistakenly Tweeted by?

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