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This is my pitch for the 2018 Flash movie starring Ezra Miller as the Flash/Barry Allen. Personally I think the movie should try and separate itself from the CW show but keep the light tone and charisma and charm of the show. The Flash will be the most fun and light hearted Justice Leaugue member and I think the movie should reflect that. I am a massive fan of the show and I can't wait for the film, this is my idea for the film which takes Inspiration from the Flashpoint story. So anyway here it is...

First act:

The film opens as we watch Barry see his mother killed by a yellow figure, followed by a scene where we see Flash (Ezra Miller) as an already established hero of Central City, the first shot of the movie is him speeding through the streets of CC being the hero we know from the CW show. Barry has a date with Iris West at a posh restaurant (in the movie version they have been dating for several months ignoring the Joe West taking him as a son thing from the show). Barry is planning to propose to Iris that night but forgot the ring. He uses his speed to rush back and get the ring, he notices a TV with a news coverage of Captain Cold (this incarnation has a long history as essentially the arch-nemesis of Movie-Flash) attacking the CCPD. Barry is the only one who can stop him so he says bye to Iris and rushes off accidentally dropping the ring behind him. He fights with Cold and eventually knocks him out, leaving as Cold is carried away by the CCPD (like I mentioned this Flash has a history with Cold so this feels like a day to day battle between the two). The next morning Barry is investigating the crime scene (the film Barry still works in CSI with the CCPD) and Iris is not responding to his texts about the previous night. That day is also the annual Flash day celebrating four years of the Flash saving CC. The people of Central City have built a Flash Museum and the Mayor will be opening it that afternoon. All of CC is present as the Flash opens the Museum. Whilst this is going on we see the Reverse-flash appear in present day from the future. Reverse-Flash immediately knows where the Flash is as he planned to travel back to Flash day the day when the Museum is opened. Reverse-Flash attacks Flash who is confused as he believed he was the only one with speed powers. As a chase between them insues Reverse-Flash reveals that he killed Barry's mum and that he knows everything about Barry. The two battle until Reverse-Flash leaves and returns with Iris, he exclaims he knows how much she means to Barry. Barry yells not to drop her off the roof but instead Reverse-Flash phases his hand through her chest killing her immediately. Barry charges at him with anger going faster than he ever has before. As he runs he sees the previous event around him including the Museum opening and the fight with Cold. Barry attacks him with one last strike and everything is covered with a bright light.

Second act:

Barry wakes up in a strange room he's never seen before, he is confused and attempts to use his powers but instead trips down the stairs. He walks to the CCPD where no one recognises him and he starts to suspect this is not the World he comes from, instead he goes to the museum which is instead dedicated to Captain Cold who is hailed as the hero of Central City. Barry runs to Iris house where a man answers who is revealed to be her husband. Iris doesn't recognise Barry so he tells her he is a friend of hers from school. Iris takes him for a coffee where the TVs show world destruction from an alien invasion. Barry asks Iris if she knows Nora Allen (Barry's dead mother), Iris tells him where she works and Barry goes to meet her. Nora doesn't know who Barry is but immediately recognises him. Barry asks her about his father but tells him that he died many years ago. Barry bumps into Iris again and she asks if he found his mother to which he explains about his father and that he needs to investigate something, Iris tags along as he goes to find his Fathers grave. Iris investigates through files and locates the cemetery where his father is buried. The two go to the cemetery where Iris hugs Barry, they realise their shared feelings for eachother. Barrh goes to his fathers grave where he breaks down in tears. As Barry leaves the Cemetery Iris confronts him about how his father did not have any listed children. Iris tells him she cannot love Barry and leaves.

Third act:

Reverse-Flash appears to Barry and Barry attempts to punch him but he blocks it. Reverse-Flash explains that Barry ruined his life and that for years he had been training attempting to make himself more powerful so that he could travel back in time to kill Barry that day. Barry asks him why he did this and Reverse-Flash explains that Barry was infact the one who created this Paradox, a paradox in which Barry Allen doesn't exist, his mother never died, and the Justice league was never formed leaving earth to be destroyed by an alien invasion. Reverse-Flash explains that only Barry is powerful enough to restore the previous earth but without his powers he is stuck in this paradox. People all over CC watch as an alien invasion falls closer to earth. Barry runs to Iris' house where he explains everything and tells her he needs to restore his powers to save the world, he tells her the only way to do this is to turn on the Star Labs particle accelerator. Iris' husband works at Star Labs and so she takes his pass and drives to Star Labs. They use the pass to get through security and Barry guides Iris' how to activate the particle accelerator. Barry stands in it and absorbs the power the lightning strikes him and he reveals the Flash costume. Iris turns it off and kisses him. Reverse-Flash appears in front of Barry and tells him that he killed Barrys mum and he will do it again. Barry chases Reverse-flash and begins to travel through time. He sees his mothers death and the accident that gave him his powers, he sees all the events of the DCEU and the other dimensions. He finally arrives at the day of the museum opening in the original timeline and kills Reverse-Flash before he kills Iris, Reverse-Flash reveals himself as Thawne and says that this is not the last Barry will see of him. Barry takes Iris back to her house where he reveals his true identity. She shows him the ring that he dropped leaving the restaurant and agrees to marry him. Barry runs back off across the streets of CC and says now he is ready for anything.


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