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For eight spellbinding years, we got to watch the Halliwell sisters triumph over evil every week. Charmed has been off the air since 2006, but recently there have been rumors that a potential reboot is in the works.

Alyssa Milano tweeted that a Charmed remake is in the pipeline, but it — tragically — won't revolve around the original cast. It's going to be difficult watching new witches fill the shoes of the original Charmed Ones. While we probably won't be able to resist watching the reboot, here are six reminders why the show that brought us Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige will always have a special place in our hearts.

1. Strong Independent Women Saving The World

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

Three — and eventually four — normal women discover they have magic powers and use them to save the world from evil. What's not to love? The Halliwell sisters are unstoppable badasses. They're brave, resourceful and compassionate. They didn't always feel like fighting demons, but they knew they had a job to do to save the innocents that couldn't save themselves. And they put their own lives on the line to do it.

I don't even need to mention that they were all drop-dead gorgeous.

2. It Had The Greatest Theme Song

2. It's Not About Personal Gain

If I had magical powers, I would sure as hell be levitating to get to the top shelf, or orbing myself the remote. But the Charmed Ones had rules about their magic, and they couldn't actually ever use it for personal gain. That made their jobs that much more difficult.

OK, maybe they used it for personal gain sometimes. But can you blame them? That leads into the next point.

3. They're Still Totally Human

While they might have had incredible powers, they still had to juggle love and regular life. Yes, they were the Charmed Ones, but they definitely didn't lead charmed lives.

It was easy to relate to that feeling of dropping the ball, whether with work or in a relationship. And really, aren't we all chased by metaphorical demons at one time or another?

4. Forbidden Love

Ahhh, forbidden love. Phoebe and Cole's relationship was hot as hell — partly because Julian McMahon is devilishly handsome, and partly because he played a demon named Belthazor that eventually became the Source Of All Evil, making it kind of a conflict of interest for him to be romantically linked to one of the Charmed Ones. But still, how hard did you cry when they had to vanquish him?

The Elders forbade Piper and Leo (Brian Krause) from being together, which kind of made it all the more romantic that they were the absolute perfect couple. To make the witch/whitelighter taboo even more real, Patty (the sisters' mother) and her whitelighter Sam had an undoubtedly torrid affair that resulted in the fourth and final Halliwell sister, Paige.

5. Prue's Death Was Tragic, But They Totally Rallied

Looking at it from a realistic angle, not many shows could have recovered from this. There might have been some serious beef between Milano and Shannen Doherty, and it's no secret that Doherty wanted out by Season 3. But to be able to write it so perfectly — albeit, heartbreakingly — into the story, and then find another actress that fit right in by the next episode, as if she was destined to belong there? That's impressive.

In an interview, Doherty herself commented on how her character's death impacted the show for the better:

"It was time for me personally, and I thought it was time for the show. A show like that needs to stay fresh, and we can't constantly have us escaping demons and bad things."

Bad things are a part of life, and it seemed fitting that Charmed remembered that, even amid all the magically healing wounds and emotional scenes with ghost relatives.

Watch Doherty's entire response here:

6. It Made Us Believe In Magic

Admit it. Maybe all you did was buy some crystals or repeat one of the spells from the show. I'm 99 percent sure I had a premonition once. Either way, magic is awesome, and Charmed almost made it seem real.

What was your favorite part about 'Charmed'?


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