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If you’re reading this, turn to your right quickly and say “Hello there”. No seriously, do it.

Did you just break the fourth wall? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but I’m sure you’d like to think you did. Maybe there are people watching the film of your life right now, unbeknownst to you, lurking in some dark parallel dimension in a mysterious part of the universe(s). Your very own Truman Show, only there are no physical cameras, just pixels in the air around you. Do you lead a dangerous, violent, obscene or profanity-filled life? If yes, then there’s a good chance your film is rated R. For the rest of you, you’re on different degrees of PG.

The weird part about this movie is, you can change the rating anytime you want to. Do you feel like your life can be viewed by all audiences? Or maybe only adults? Alright, go ahead and change the rating.

Interestingly enough, it is based on your perpetual reality, right up until the point of your inevitable death. Maybe the movie goes on afterwards too, an eternity of different shots of your grave/ashes. And the fun part is, you direct the film, you write the script, you decide the screenplay, you act in it and your parents are the (re)producers. As for the cinematography, editing and SFX, I have no clue. As the movie progresses, different supporting roles comes into play, from your parents to your best friend to your partner(s) and everyone else are extras. Your plumber or electrician is basically a studio extra, setting up/fixing the screenplay on occasion.

Ofcourse, they have films of their own too, with their own supporting roles and extras (you). It’s a system based on equality as everyone has their own leading roles and everyone is someone else’s extra/supporting role (unless you’re a misanthropist, hobo hiker determined to live a life of solitude). Actors play an interesting role in this system as they act inside the film of their lives, and it gets even more extreme when they break the fourth wall inside a film inside the film of their lives. The most extreme case would be to break the fourth wall whilst breaking the fourth wall in a film inside the film of your life (as seen on Deadpool). Is this getting confusing?

An infinite number of camera angles are possible as there are no physical cameras. The question which I ponder over most is regarding the camera movements. In cinema, a shot from below implies dominance and a shot from above implies suppression or inferiority. I personally hope the person in charge of the cinematography is good at his job. He’s probably watching me type this out right now, with a smirk, and if he is, I’d like to say one thing- Bob, make the film look as Zack-Snyder-y as possible.

Now, for the last part, what to name the film. Obviously, you want something original and catchy (Reddit usernames are quite nice). And it should be a title which attracts audiences too, not too random but not too simple either. I’ve named my film “Chocolates And Trampolines” for obvious reasons. What about you?

Maybe all of this is just a metaphor for a higher purpose (or maybe it’s real, anything works). Maybe it’s trying to tell you something- to make your life a memorable one, an interesting one, and one which will leave a lasting impression on the audiences. Isn’t that one thing which all good films have in common? Do they not leave you a different person than you were before you watched them? Maybe that’s the kind of life you should strive for- one where you will be remembered and one where you influence the audiences to do the same.

*Hans Zimmer music stops*


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