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(Warning: the following, and in particular the below trailer, contains potential SPOILERS for the next episode of DC and The CW's 'The Flash.' Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise.)

Now, with DC and The CW's The Flash having done such an excellent job thus far with its villains, it's not really all that surprising that they keep turning up like bad pennies. After all, half of Barry and the gang's foes have been left with tantalizingly dangling plot threads, and the other half could still escape from prison or cross over from Earth-2 at any moment. Sometimes, though, they don't actually stay away for all that much time at all — as looks set to be the case when The Flash returns from its brief hiatus on April 19. Y'see...

It Seems A Certain Big Bad Is Soon Going To Be Front And Center

Specifically, Zoom himself.

Who, it seems, we're set to find out a whole lot more about in the show's next episode, including details of...

Zoom's Complete Lack Of Craps To Give

Zoom's Incredibly Traumatic Looking Origin Story

And, of course, what looks an awful lot like...

Zoom's Impending Smacking Around Of Barry

All of which look pretty darned awesome to me.

Now if we only didn't have to wait until April 19th to get our next Flash fix. DAMNIT, TIME.

What do you think, though?


How excited are you to see more of Zoom?



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