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In a announcement that shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone who is a fan of Kevin Smith, the actor/director has revealed that longtime sidekick Jason Mewes will guest star on The Flash.

The Flash.
The Flash.

It was announced in January that Smith will direct an episode sometime during Season 2. Smith himself has now revealed he'll be directing the 21st episode, which was written by Zack Stentz (Thor). He has previously expressed his love for the show on one of his many podcasts, as well as releasing a video of himself crying at one of the show's earlier emotional scenes.

But Smith and Mewes fans have been left wondering: Will we see their alter egos Jay and Silent Bob in The Flash? Well, during a recent episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Kevin Smith revealed the truth:

“I did not put Jay and Silent Bob in it. I did put Jay in it.”
Jay and Silent Bob.
Jay and Silent Bob.

If you do listen to the podcasts, you would have heard numerous times how much of a fan Mewes is of the DCTV Universe on The CW. According to Smith:

"Because [Mewes] was my conduit to those shows. Arrow is his religion, dude. He almost came to visit me on 'Flash' just so he could walk across the lot and look at the 'Arrow' sets and shit, and dream about salmon laddering up and shit.”

Mewes was originally on the set as Smith’s assistant, but things took a turn for the better when The Flash writers created a role for him in the episode. Needless to say, Smith knew that Mewes' reaction would be... enthusiastic:

“Are you shitting me? Because his fucking head will explode if I tell him that he’s going to be on a CW show, that he’s going to live on The CW.”

Just a word of warning: What is coming up next is slightly spoilerish!

You have been warned.
You have been warned.

No details have been released about his character, except that he will be in two scenes. He will have lines in his first scene and in his second scene he is a masked person in a big crowd shot, which apparently Mewes is most excited about:

"Jay was ecstatic to have scripted lines in one of his favorite shows. I also found an opportunity to sneak Jay into another scene as well — this time as a masked supervillain."

Having the opportunity to play the mysterious masked character was apparently "the role that reduced him to tears." Which is an occasion Smith says he has only witnessed twice:

"One time [he cried] about the birth of his only begotten daughter, the other time was after he wrapped his supervillain bit on 'The Flash.'"

Smith is no stranger to the comic book or DC world; he has written a number of comics, including Daredevil and Green Arrow, and originally wrote a script for Tim Burton's Superman Lives.

'The Flash' airs on The CW on Tuesday nights and Kevin Smith's episode will air sometime in May.



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