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It's a nice feeling to remember an old movie that we used to love, but never actually rewatched, since we've always been so swarmed with new cinematic material that it's not like we ever had the time to do so. So if I tell you Morgan Freeman + a beloved actor now in his fifties, does your mind jump to Se7en, or does it fondly reminisce about Bruce Almighty?

If you're more of the chilling criminal story type, you're in luck, because YouTube user Kevin Del Colle has compiled a beautiful tribute to Se7en that gave us a pang of nostalgic craving for 90s Brad Pitt and a reminder of one of the best detective movies of all time.

Set to the unsettling tune of "Help Me," the sweetly edited clip successfully recreates the captivating thriller's unnerving tension.

Spotting the details in this short video is detective work!

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

In case you haven't seen the movie, or don't remember what the plot is about, Se7en follows a junior detective (Brad Pitt) and a veteran about to retire (Morgan Freeman) as they attempt to solve a series of gruesome murders that follow the pattern of the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride and lust.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Directed by David Fincher, it also starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey. Incidentally, it's the seventh highest grossing film of 1995, the year it was released.

It was dubbed "the most complex and disturbing entry in the serial killer genre since 'Manhunter'" by John Wrathall, in his review for Sight and Sound.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

If you've seen 'Se7en', what's your review? If you haven't, would you watch it?

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