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Spoilers for the last episode of 'The Walking Dead' lie ahead.

Fans have been frantic this past week after Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. In the closing moments of Season 6's penultimate episode, fan favorite Daryl Dixon was shot, presumably in the shoulder, by Dwight. While it has been confirmed Daryl will appear in the season finale, AMC has also confirmed Norman Reedus will appear on the season finale of Talking Dead.

As most fans know, an actor appearing on Talking Dead means their character will most likely die. If Talking Dead's track record is anything to go by, we can probably stop making bets now as we can expect Daryl to be introduced to Lucille this Sunday. Let's look at their previous guests:

  • Scott Wilson (Hershel): Appeared after Season 4's mid-season finale.
  • Emily Kinney (Beth): Appeared after Season 5's mid-season finale.
  • Tovah Feldshuh (Deanna): Appeared after Season 6's mid-season finale.
  • Tyler James Williams (Noah): Appeared after Season 5 Episode 14.
  • Michael Rooker (Merle): Appeared after Season 3 Episode 15.
  • Chad L Coleman (Tyreese): Appeared after Season 5 Episode 9.

It's safe to say Talking Dead really does tend to spoil a surprise death. With Negan being introduced in the finale, Daryl has been one of the characters rumored to take the beating from Lucille, along with Glenn, Morgan and Carol. With Norman Reedus's appearance on Talking Dead, and the character's death tease, chances are high Daryl is going to die.


Who do you think will meet Lucille?


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