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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

March is finally nearly through, and with the end of March comes sunshine kissed with warmth — and a pretty confusing set of updates for Street Fighter V. The first update graced the game with well-deserved tutorials for every level of play, an option to have rematches online, bug fixes (such as Chun-Li's boob jiggle) and an eight-player lobby for good measure.

The second drop brings with it a new character in the form of Alex, and all-new purchasable costumes and DLC characters. But with the second pack being available, this also opens it up to some serious data mining which, dear reader, is exactly what happened! NeoGAF user Garrett Hawke took it upon himself to dig through the digital crates, and came across the new and interesting costumes left hidden.

Some of them are pretty cool and some of them? Not so much, to say the least. The video below will explain all:

Can't watch the vid? Well, have a few screenshots then.

Seems Laura still can't afford a shirt (40,000 FM is a lot to ask, I guess), and M. Bison likes his facial hair the same color as his pupils.

Sorry Charlie, we can still see the scar under the mask, and F.A.N.G looks like a badass!

Ken is fresh from his Backstreet Boys reunion tour, and Rashid...

R. Mika's costume choice seems to get worse and worse, and introducing this season's Cammy (skis and leg warmers sold separately)!

Sexy lumberjack Ryu finally approaches, and Necalli looks like a veritable nightmare.

Chun-Li's is just a change in color, and Vega looks like he just failed an audition for the Zorro reboot.

Karin and Dhalsim are pretty cool...

As are Macho Man Randy Zangief and Birdie with his... crown. 'Cause he's British, see?

What do you think of the new costumes?

Worth buying the game or delving back into the sweaty waters?


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