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Batman V Superman is completely splitting the fans of the genre, some claiming it to be one of the "greatest comic book movie" ever, while some believing that it's a complete mess. This dissection wave hit so hard that some die-hard DC fans who didn't like the movie signed up a petition to Warner Bros. requesting Zack Snyder to be tossed out of the Justice League Franchise.

Well everyone has their own legitimate reasons for loving BvS (for instance me) and despising it.Well for me this movie worked out pretty well. One of the prime blunder that people made prior to watching BvS was expecting it to be on the ranks of 'Dark Knight'.Well Nolan's 'Dark Knight' which was a semi-adaptation of the caped crusader was completely in the reality realm and expecting Justice League to follow suit was delusional.There's a difference between reality and comic, you see!

Well I personally had loved Zack's 'Man of Steel' and I firmly believe that it is the best Superman movie to date. It was exactly what I had hoped for and was absolutely appealing. A lot of people complained about the extensive fight sequence between Zod and Superman that eventually resulted in the destruction of an entire city. Well what do you expect when two aliens with God-like abilities decide to take on each other? So why not stop complaining and start thinking it the logical way.

I completely agree that in BvS the editing was quite not right and it eventually led to some plot loopholes. But if you didn't know, Directors' cut is about three hours long and the movie is about two-and-half hours long. That points out that about thirty minutes were cut-off from the final product. So what if Zack had actually had explanation for things in that thirty minutes, which was eventually toned down to have an optimum run-time. So please stop pushing it all on Zack.

If you look closely it's not that you won't get an explanation for things (excluding twice or thrice), but you just have to try and understand it.

According to me this was a perfect comic movie with all the elements at its right place.

This movie is visually a masterpiece, especially the scenes involving Batman and Superman and the action sequences was meant to be good because in the end it's Zack Snyder.

The only notable issue I had with this movie was regarding Doomsday's creation by Luthor, but in the end it didn't alter my overall experience in any way.

In the end I feel that Batman V Superman was an amazing movie, though not perfect (of course it had its flaws) but a real good one and I believe that this was one of the best ways to get underway with the DCEU.

So what are your thoughts on BvS? Do you think it's one of the best "comic movies ever made" or are you of the opinion that it was a complete mess?


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