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I'll start off by saying that this article has VERY BIG SPOILERS FOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN so if you haven't watched it, I would recommend not continuing to read this article. Are you gone? Good.

So I watched Batman v Superman (twice), and I personally thought it was awesome, but it did have some flaws. Now this isn't a review but I will give some insight on my thoughts of the movie as briefly as I can.

Good things about it:

- The action was awesome and CGI was great.
- The soundtrack was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Hans Zimmer is a GOD.
- Batman was brutal and dark and I loved it. I get that some people were a little sketchy about how batman 'kills' people which is fair enough, since it deviates from the traditional batman 'formula', but I personally thought it was refreshing to see a different batman instead of the same batman we've seen in previous movies.
- Ben Affleck nailed Batman AND Bruce Wayne, as he displayed this version of Bruce who is very disturbed, dark, old, and tired, which Affleck captured perfectly.
- Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was perfect and she totally kicks ass. It reminded me a lot of the Wonder Woman in the film Justice League: War, where she loves the heat of battle and she is a passionate warrior, which was shown every time she got hit by doomsday and just keeps smirking and smiling and I absolutely loved how she embraced the Wonder Woman character.

The Nitty Gritty parts:

- The pacing was totally off. It was too fast at some points since so much stuff is going on and we kept going to all these different places it was really hard to keep up.
- The way the Justice League was introduced. An e-mail? OK I get it. It's hard to implement 3 other important characters into an already crowded movie. No problem. But the way they marketed these characters pre-release to the film is off. A specific character I'm talking about is Aquaman. SO MUCH stuff was released in regards to Aquaman (vinyls, images, figurines). Aquaman was on screen for about 10 seconds, which was him speechless, underwater, coming out of a ship wreckage. In my opinion, the character that should have been marketed more should be The Flash, as he got double the screen time Aquaman did. But that's just my opinion.

Perfect Casting.
Perfect Casting.

Okay, back to the point of this article. So if you remember back to the days of 2015, when the first Suicide Squad footage dropped and everyone freaked out (including myself). Now at the very beginning of this trailer, you hear Amanda Waller give some voice-over:

Also perfect casting might I add
Also perfect casting might I add

'It's taken some work but I finally have them. The worst of the worst. Where? Let's just say I put them in a hole and threw away the hole. There's rumours that some of them have abilities. Oh yeah. I have seen things. Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon that let them creep back from the shadows.'

A key sentence there. 'Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon that let them creep back from the shadows.'


Now if you watched Batman v Superman, then you know that our Man of Steel dies at the hand of doomsday via impalement.

See you in Justice League bud.
See you in Justice League bud.

Could we have subtlety been told that the time of suicide squad is during the post events of Batman v Superman i.e. Superman's death. Now no one probably picked this up, but walking out of the cinema I finally realized that we were told Superman dies WAY before the release of Batman v Superman. So now at least we know the context of which Suicide Squad is taking place.

What do you think though? Am I over analysing this? Tell me in the comments


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