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Grant Gustin originally left his career on Broadway behind after winning a role on hit show Glee. It was announced the actor — who has risen to prominence as the titular character on The Flash — will now be making the transition to the big screen after landing a role in indie flick Krystal.

But who is the man behind the red suit? At the age of only 26, Gustin has an impressive résumé and, if his past success is anything to go by, his passage into film could see him becoming a Hollywood star.

To celebrate this new milestone in his career, here are some flashy facts about the Scarlet Speedster:

1. He's Quick Footed In Real Life, Too

When he was 8 years old, his mom enrolled him in tap dancing classes. By the time he was 10 years old, he'd dropped out on other sports to focus on tap dancing and even toured with an "elvis" tap group.

2. He Was Big On Broadway, And Had To Leave For 'Glee'

Grant during a production of West Side Story (Source: Joan Marcus)
Grant during a production of West Side Story (Source: Joan Marcus)

He'd originally auditioned for a different part on the hit show, but was unsuccessful. However, producers liked him so much they offered him back to audition for the role of Sebastian Smythe.

When he accepted the role, he had to quit touring with a successful production of West Side Story.

3. Although Sebastian Was His Big Break, He Doesn't Relate To The Character

His bad boy persona was hated by fans, something which Gustin reflected on during an interview with Clevver TV. He said:

“I’m not like Sebastian. I see people hate me, but it reminds me I’m doing something right.”

4. He Also Appeared On 'CSI: Miami' And '90210'

Oh, and in the above clip, yes, that is Gustin playing the role of two twins! Impressive.

5. As Well As The TV Film 'A Mother's Nightmare'

(Source: Sepia Films)
(Source: Sepia Films)

6. Fans Petitioned For Him To Play Finnick Odair In 'The Hunger Games'

And Gustin himself revealed that he read the book, found an affinity for the character and ended up auditioning, but the role went to Sam Claflin instead. In the same interview with Clevver TV he said:

“It’s really cool because a year ago I read Catching Fire, and I read it I really love that character, I was really drawn to that character.”

7. Although He's Now Popular As The Flash, His Favorite Superhero Is Superman

(Source: Instagram)
(Source: Instagram)

He's such a fan, when he was younger, he would continuously wear his Superman outfit. Such was his insistence, one of his nannies even quit to avoid being seen in public with him wearing the suit.

8. He Loves The Character So Much, He Even Has A Superman Tattoo

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

It simply reads: "Superman... I love him" in his mother's handwriting.

Do you think Grant Gustin has what it takes to become a serious movie star?

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