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According to recent reports, we are now apparently safe to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that the PS4.5 is currently in development, and will play all your favorite PS4 games in ultra rich 4k beauty.

Shut the front door! Not only is there another PlayStation on the way but it will be significantly better at handling your VR experience. Latest reports suggest that this latest high-end PlayStation unit, coined PS4.5 is currently in development and will be available for purchase as early as this holiday season.

Last week, PlayStation announced that they were developing a new PlayStation unit that would co-exist alongside their record-breaking PS4 unit. The new unit or PS4.5 is being developed to cater specifically to the exploding VR market and to allow for an increased level of fidelity in day to day gaming.

This higher level of fidelity comes from the new unit being capable of outputting 4K gameplay — this is a significant increase in picture quality available to the PS4 and Xbox One. It will also allow the PlayStation Network to establish itself in the emerging 4K television streaming market.

The Overall VR Experience WILL Differ

Both PS4 and the upcoming PS4.5 are to share the same standard game library and all VR games coming to PlayStation will be playable on each individual unit.

However, according to sources working at PlayStation, the PS4 will suffer from a "compromised" gaming experience compared to that of the PS4.5. Sources went on to reveal that the PS4 may not even be able to experience the true 360 degree VR experience gamers have been waiting for.

Frustrating news for some PS4 owners who have recently bought new PlayStation 4 units specifically for the upcoming VR boom. According to inside sources who spoke with The Wall Street Journal, there will be no upgrade coming for the PS4. Those who wish to take full advantage of 4K gaming and true VR immersion will have to buy the new PS4.5 unit. No unit prices have been announced as of yet.

Some industry purveyors are saying that PlayStation made too big a promise in regard to VR capability and that the current PS4 could not deliver on such grandeur and the PS4.5 is nothing more than a face saver.

Microsoft has stayed very quiet throughout all of this — will we see a rival unit announced in the near future? Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on all this? Have you just bought a PS4 and are feeling more than a little ticked off?

Source: WallStreetJournal


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