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Say what you will about Cali's own Deftones, but you can't deny that their influence to the metal genre is still heard to this day.

You wouldn't believe if I told you they formed in 1988. while they were still in high-school, but it wasn't until 1994 that they were put in a worldwide focus, with debut Adrenaline.

During this article, we're going to go through a whole lot of music evolution, visual details and a whole lot of haircuts.

Released in 1996, Bored was the first track off their debut and the song that really introduced the world to Deftones. Still influenced by the grungy times of the period, Chino Moreno's smooth voice mixed along his angry screams made the music world turn their heads. A legend was born.

Portraying the a typical day in the life in California, it is really more of a video that you pay attention to the song rather the video, while it's quite entertaining.

This is when the fun really starts: My Own Summer (Shove It) is the epitome of your favorite music in the late nineties. Psychedelic, weird and wonderful. It includes sharks, water sports and stuff you won't see on the Discovery Channel.

Probably my favorite Deftones video, as well as song! There's a lot going on here, between the house party gone wrong (or right!), there's a calm yet wild tone to all of it. Played along with the energy of the alt-metal outfit, this dark music video is really what Deftones are all about.

A defining point for the band, with Back To School (Mini Maggit), with one of the most amazing music videos ever seen out of the new millennium . Bringing out that high-school kid we wished we were, there isn't anything cooler than this!

Hole In The Earth, is an interesting take on everything else Deftones have done, music-wise and video-wise. The use of digital effects, along with a heavy but mellow song, defining of the mid-'00's, really showed that the group still had it together. Then in 2008, bassist Chi Cheng, got into a nasty accident, leaving him in a coma.

While the band had already recorded Eros, the follow-up album to Saturday Night Wrist, they were forced to move on, in an organic way, while still respecting fellow band-member. That's when Sergio Vega, from Quicksand fame, stepped in.

Deftones was alive and were preparing a comeback. By 2008, we didn't even know what hit us.

Rocket Skates shouted to the world that Deftones was back and ready shut the haters up. More than the video consisting of seeing the bands re-energized version of themselves, it's just feel all Miami. They did however have a trick up their sleeve...

... and that trick was the title track, Diamond Eyes, bringing all the surrealistic views, including an evil witch, that cute and scary owl from the album artwork and diamonds, Deftones don't get any much better than this.

While not my favorite song, I do have to give Sextape some credit for being a pretty cool music video. In fact, it's a whole experience. Underwater, out of water, more psychedelia, your senses just explode all over while watching this.

If after that you think Deftones are at their peak, you are entirely right, as the creativity flowed right into You've Seen The Butcher.

Starting off like a normal music video (if you can define normal) and turning into, quite literally, a bloody mess, this sexy song has everything going for it.

When Koi No Yokan was released, it did have quite a few pretty good songs playing on the radio (like Tempest and Leathers, though they were never officially singles), but other than Swerve City, only Romantic Dreams had a video. While not as creative as previous efforts, it's still a chilling sight watching this dark city while we accompany a skater. Sometimes it's cool to see things through the eyes of others.

With Gore set to be released on April 8th, we can't wait to see what Deftones brings us after a four year absence.


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