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WThe Flash is my favorite genre show going right now, and Supergirl is going great guns as well. Both shows get that there is room on the dial for superhero shows that are actually FUN. The title, World's Finest, is a nod to the DC comic series that was published for decades and featured various combos of heroes joining up for excellent hi-jinks. It was probably an unintentional jab that this ep is being compared to the dreadfully reviewed Batman/Superman flick that bowed this weekend, but it is lost on no one that many who have seen both, agree that the Supergirl/Flash crossover is the way these things SHOULD go.

The two leads have worked together previously on Glee, and that pretty much sums up the easy, adorable chemistry between the actors. More about that in a bit.

The ep begins with Siobhan being given the once over at the DEO because of her strange powers put on display last week. The DEO is stumped, because the tests reveal that she is human - not meta human, not alien. Winn tries to help but Siobhan isn't feeling it, and stalks away down the hallway. Just then she is stricken with horrible headaches and scary visions, which change her personality from bitchy to out and out evil. She overhears the evil Livewire being interrogated and is clearly fascinated by her. After being escorted out of the DEO, Siobhan has more attacks on the street and makes a bee-line for Catco Industries, her eyes filled with evil intent.

Once inside she confronts Kara, saying that Kara ruined her life. As Kara tries to diffuse the situation, Siobhan unleashes a super scream so powerful that Kara smashes through a window and plummets to the pavement!

But before she goes splat we see a red streak speeding to Kara just in time. She is saved and taken miles outside of the city. That red streak is of course Barry Allen, the fastest man alive - AKA The Flash. Once they stop we see that they were going so fast that Kara's sweater is on fire! This is a callback to a very similar gag on an Arrow/Flash crossover where the same thing happened to Felicity Smoak, The Arrow's delightfully geeky computer whiz. Barry is afraid to touch the goods, a cute nerdy moment in a show chock full of them. Kara puts herself out and tells Barry that she didn't need saving. Before Barry can react she flies out of frame and her clothes cover him. Needless to say he is confused.

Barry races after her, and she sees the red streak following her on the ground and now it's her turn to give the WTF look!

What follows is a hilarious back and forth where both characters cannot believe that each doesn't know who the other one is. Barry quickly realizes that he's seen this movie before - he's on an alternate Earth and needs Supergirl's help to get back home.

Barry and Kara go back to Supergirl's lair at Catco, where Barry is googling like mad. He is indeed on an alternate Earth. Winn and Jimmy come in, and Kara introduces her new friend from another universe. Jimmy is confused - Winn geeks our big time. Barry explains the theory of multi-verses and Winn's reactions have a definite Cisco 'vibe' to them. Winn would definitely fit into Team Flash nicely. Jimmy is showing a little jealousy towards the chemistry between Barry and Kara, and doesn't believe Barry's assertion that he has super speed. So what does Barry do? He speeds out and brings back ice cream for the crew! The joyous look on Kara's face is priceless, and that's what makes this show and The Flash special - it's FUN. Instead of the constant brooding and depression that marks most superhero movies (are you listening, Zack Snyder?) and shows like Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash revel in the gee whiz, amazing world that these characters inhabit.

Back to Siobhan. In an effort to find out what's wrong, she seeks out her aunt, who is the proprietor of a magic shop of sorts. She tells Siobhan that the family was cursed by a Banshee from back in the day, and the only way to resolve her condition is to kill the object of her ire (Kara). The bad news is if she kills Kara she is forever damned. Not great options. Siobhan decides to take Kara out anyway, but she will need help. And that help comes in the form of Livewire. Siobhan uses her super scream to break Livewire out, and together they plan to kidnap Cat Grant. Livewire wants to waste Cat, and Siobhan (who now calls herself The Silver Banshee - complete with a 'day of the dead' makeup job and cheesy outfit) banks on Kara coming to rescue Cat so she can ice her.

courtesy CBS
courtesy CBS

Barry and Kara make with the science and find the abandoned building where Livewire and Silver Banshee are hiding. The initial confrontation doesn't go well (do they ever?) and the dynamic duo retreats to plan their next assault.

courtesy CBS
courtesy CBS

Back at Catco, Kara has a heart to heart with Barry about her PR problem with the citizens she is sworn to protect. She explains her problem, and Barry tells her that the same thing happened to him. He suggests patience and encourages her to keep on keepin' on. Meanwhile, Jimmy is sulking like a petulant child about Barry and Kara.

Livewire and SB descend on Catco again, with the intention of taking Cat. Winn does his best to dissuade SB, but all he gets is a banshee scream that sends him flying across the room. Cat is is now the clutches of the evil ones! Cat is defiant, but pleads for her life because of her sons.

courtesy CBS
courtesy CBS

Back at the DEO Barry does the science thing again and whips up some earplugs that will counter the banshee scream. So now it's off to the park to settle this.

SB tries the banshee scream, and is shocked to find that it doesn't work. Livewire uses her electrical powers to disappear into a street light. Barry gives chase, following Livewire to the top of a skyscraper. She zaps Barry, leaving him unconscious on the roof. Livewire goes back to the park to take another shot at Supergirl.

A helicopter hovers overhead, which annoys Livewire, so she fires bolts of electricity to take out the chopper. Supergirl intervenes, and here we have the pivotal moment of the whole episode.

Kara takes the full force of Livewire's power, putting her life on the line to save the chopper crew and the people below. She plummets to earth, badly hurt. The throngs of people on the ground crowd around Kara to protect her from the evil ones. Livewire charges up for the coup de grace, but before she can deliver the fatal blow she is sprayed with a hose by nearby firefighters and electrocuted, along with SB. Hokey? Sure. But it's a comic, folks! Now the public is back in Supergirl's corner. Barry's advice to her was right on the mark - be patient and the public will see the true Supergirl.

The day is saved again! Off to Catco, where Cat is back to her usually acerbic self, telling the gang that she knew from the jump that Barry was The Flash. And Jimmy? He's STILL pouting.

Barry and Kara make their way to the outskirts of the city, where Barry tells her about his theory to propel him back to his Earth. It involves both of them running at max speed, and then have Kara throw Barry as hard as she can in attempt to open a breach to Barry's world. The scene of Barry and Kara running side by side, huge smiles on both faces, sums up the geeky adorable-ness of the whole endeavor. I haven't had this much fun watching a TV show all season. I hope the showrunners can figure out a way to bring Kara into The Flash's world - it would be epic! The toss works, and Barry winks out of Kara's world.

The b side of the ep - Jimmy's petulant jealousy - frankly annoyed me. If he thought about it for any length of time he would realize that Kara is not interested in Barry - they just bonded because of what they are - superheroes. Earlier in the ep Cat advised Kara to play a little hard-to-get with Jimmy and it worked like a charm - almost too well. At the end, Kara and Jimmy are alone together, and Kara finally decides to make her move. The kiss, a whole season in the making, happens! And then - nothing! Jimmy has ZERO reaction. Blank slate. Kara is mortified, until she senses that something is very wrong. Jimmy robotically walks out of the apartment, and joins thousands of similar zombie-like people on the street.

Turns out Non has activated a gizmo called 'Myriad', enslaving the humans in National City. As is the case in most shows, the hero only gets a fleeting moment of happiness before the sh*t hits the fan. So here we go again...


Do we want more Supergirl/Flash?


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