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When it comes to adapting comic book films, there's an almost limitless breadth of material to work with in terms of slipping in those Easter Eggs and references, not just to the books themselves but to other forms of media that sprung forth from them.

And Zack Snyder's polarizing [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is no exception to this — crammed full of so many Easter Eggs it's practically a breakfast buffet. From the numerous Joker references to quietly killing off one of the most iconic Superman characters within the first 20 minutes, there's plenty to concern yourself with, but there's one Egg which might have passed unnoticed amongst all the superhero spectacular.

Did You Notice Patrick Wilson?

Majestic creature [Phantom of the Opera]
Majestic creature [Phantom of the Opera]

Wilson, for the uninitiated, is an actor best known for his work in the horror genre with James Wan on The Conjuring, Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 as well as his role as Daniel Dreiberg (a.k.a. Nite Owl (II)) in Snyder's better received Watchmen adaptation back in 2009. He was also supposed to appear in Marvel's Ant-Man back when Edgar Wright was on board to direct, but the arrangement fell through and took his role with it.

And he wasn't the only Watchmen alumni to appear in Batman v Superman. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrayed anti-hero the Comedian, appeared as Thomas Wayne in the opening sequence, and Carla Gugino, who portrayed the original Silk Spectre, appears in the DCEU as the voice of Kelor, the Kryptonian A.I. who assists Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) in the creation of Doomsday.

Wilson as Batman... uh... Night Owl II [Watchmen]
Wilson as Batman... uh... Night Owl II [Watchmen]

Like Gugino, Wilson didn't appear in Batman v Superman in the flesh, but rather lent his voice to a pretty important figure: the President of the United States. You may remember his cameo in which he approved a nuclear strike on Doomsday and Superman (Henry Cavill) while they fought in space. And as it turns out, we might not have seen (or rather, heard) the last of him in the DCEU.

The President of the US is an important figure in the DC comics, often interacting with superhero teams and individuals — Superman and the Justice League in particular. While there's no confirmation on whether or not he'll play a role in the Justice League two parter (or indeed if Wilson would reprise the role should the character appear), there is a likelihood that he could pop up in another Justice League member's solo film.

Because Wilson has friends in high places, the aforementioned James Wan is helming the Jason Momoa starring Aquaman solo feature, and he recently teased a possible appearance from the President to

Wilson & Wan [The Conjuring]
Wilson & Wan [The Conjuring]

The publication caught up with Wan at last weekend's LA based WonderCon, and popped the question as to whether we'd be seeing Wilson appearing in Aquaman; he responded, "You just might!" Of course, this is far from a confirmation, but it does sound hopeful — and it would be neat to see the Watchmen star popping up again to bridge the two films.

Aside from Momoa in the titular role, Aquaman has only confirmed one other cast member as of now and that's Amber Heard, who will portray Mera, the Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman's wife.

As for Wilson's role in the future of the DCEU? Well, first let's find out if that petition to get Zack Snyder kicked off of Justice League gains any traction, then we'll worry about the rest of the narrative universe.

'Aquaman' is set for release July 27, 2018.

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