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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I'm not saying I hated the film, but I certainly didn't like it. I'm not even sure if I can convince myself it was 'just okay." There were a lot of really awesome elements to this movie that's for sure. But overall I was extremely disappointed.

Alright, before we get started let me lay this on you. I am not in any way, shape, or form a movie critic. I am an aspiring filmmaker, and a fan. I look at movies in a weird way, especially comic book movie. I haven't been the most loyal of comic book fans I'll admit. But, I am a fan of movies and I know what I like, so I look for certain things in film. This article is strictly opinion based and is open to suggestions. If you liked the film, good for you, I'm glad you found enjoyment in it. I, on the other hand did not.

I don't care how much I bash this movie, or what anyone else says about it. You can not deny that Ben Affleck is now Batman. And I mean he literally has become Batman. He's horrifying, intelligent, and absolutely brutal. If someone were to ask me,"Who is Batman?" I'd say, "Ben Affleck". Forget Christian Bale, I love him as Batman, but Affleck has rightfully taken the torch. I think Batman is THE highlight of this movie, the relationship between him and Alfred is spot on. We're going to keep all of that.

I have been giving this a fair bit of thought over the past week. I saw the film last Thursday, and it has been eating away at me since. I have sat and thought of a few ways that I think this movie could have been a simpler, and better paced film. Let me explain.

Batman V Superman

ACT 1:

When you have a movie called Batman V Superman, your main focus needs to be on Batman AND Superman. The problem with this movie is that there is a lot of focus on Batman but not Superman (mainly because I don't think the writers could come up with anything interesting for Superman). This movie needed to focus on both ideals from each character. Yes, we get a little bit of that, but expand on it. Take some needed stuff out. Like the desert stuff with Lois Lane. That took away from the story completely, and they make it seem as if Superman will go anywhere if Lois is in danger. So where was he during that stuff? When you focus on Superman, you need to focus on his inner battle with himself. He is Superman, but he can't save everyone and that should eat him away. Explore Superman's mentality, just like you explore Bruce's. Batman wants to take out Superman because of what he did to Metropolis. I understand that, and I loved that. It gave us a motive for Batman. But are only real motive for Superman was that Batman was a vigilante and really the only reason he fought Batman in the first place was because Lex kidnapped his mom. So we're going to act like that never happened. Instead, when Batman is after those Russians when Superman confronts him for the first time, keep all of that. But, have Batman try and fight him right there just out of rage and adrenaline. He will obviously lose and get hurt really bad. Then you can have Superman threaten him about shinning his light in the sky. There's your first act for the most part.

ACT 2:

Since Batman has now lost to Superman in their first fight. He's off looking for a way to destroy him. They have that dinner party at Lex's house, when they're introduced. This way there's already tension between them, but they don't know each other's identity yet. Bruce is there to hack Lex's files and get Kryptonite. I liked this scene for the most part. Bruce doesn't trust Lex at all and knows he's up to something. You can even still tease Wonder Woman. Keep her out of the movie, but have her in that scene, "stealing things that don't belong to her." He finds out about the Kryptonite and goes to search for it. Meanwhile, Superman is doing good deeds, rescuing space shuttles, saving people in floods, getting cats out of trees, you know. Him and Lois have their romance. There's more struggle inside Superman, that he can't save everyone and has to live with being so incredible but can only do so much. Bruce and Alfred are on the hunt for Kryptonite. Alfred explains to Bruce that Superman is good, and that he's going down a dark path. Still, he helps him build his suit and make his Kryptonite weapons. We get a little motivation from Lex, teasing what he is up to. He is also building a suit with Kryptonite. Then we're back at Gotham city, Batman is turning on the Bat signal himself and you have that whole fight scene. Except its drawn out. Batman almost kills Superman with Kryptonite, but Superman starts trying to reason with Bruce. Then Lex comes out of nowhere in his suit, knocking Batman out of the way and kid napping Superman. There's Act 2.

ACT 3:

Superman's been kidnapped by Lex Luthor with the use of Kryptonite. Batman has come to the realization that Superman isn't all that bad. With the help of Alfred, they go to get Superman free from Lex before he kills him. Which would be a great way to show more of Alfred and Batman in action. He gets to where Lex is holding Superman, Lex sucker punches Batman and they fight. Lex is about to beat Batman when Superman attacks Lex and they team up to defeat him. Then throw him in jail so Snyder can have his "ding, ding, ding" moment. Batman and Superman face each other one last time, but not in a fight. They accept that one and other are trying to do good, they may not like each other but they accept each other. Almost how season 2 of Daredevil ended.

With all of that out of the way, now we can get into how this version of Batman V Superman can lead into other movies and better the DCEU.

What was needed
What was needed

Man of Steel 2: Dawn of Justice

Remember when I said Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice needed to be two films? Well, this is what should've happened. What I just explained above would be just Batman V Superman. All of those events would lead to Man of Steel 2, which I wouldn't might being called Dawn of Justice. Or you could just call it Dawn of Justice. Whatever you want it to be called, it doesn't matter, it's not going to happen. Mine would be Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice. This is where you can do The Death of Superman storyline, like they did in BVS. Instead, this way you can have a more fleshed out, better version of it. Do the courtroom stuff in this. The people are still at each others throats about what should happen to Superman. You can have Lex break out of jail, with some help from a very familiar "squad" maybe? Or one of them. Lex seeks refuge in Zod's abandoned ship, where Zod's body has been stored by Lex himself. Instead of having Lex create Doomsday, he gains all of the Kryptonian knowledge and gets into contact with whoever he was talking to in that deleted scene that was released a few days ago. They have Doomsday and send him to Earth to destroy Superman, because once Superman's gone then a certain villain can come to Earth and destroy humanity. So Doomsday comes in and Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fight Doomsday, Superman sacrifices himself and there you have it. Leaving us that Justice League teaser when Bruce sends Wonder Woman the files Lex had on the other heroes. But flip flop it, that's what Wonder Woman stole in Batman V Superman and she sends it to Bruce. Leading us to.....

Justice League
Justice League

Justice League Part 1

In an interview with Zach Snyder about the film, he says he wants Batman to search for the members of the Justice League and unite them, that's why he killed off Superman (but not really). Which I really like. So I'm keeping it. The Justice League Part 1, you have Batman & Wonder Woman searching the world for the other heroes to untie the Justice League. As he searches for the Justice League, the Suicide Squad comes into play. Stirling up chaos in Gotham and Metropolis. Taking advantage of Superman being dead and Batman nowhere to be found. Once they are united they go to take back Gotham and Metropolis. Then you can have that tease at the end with Superman coming back to life. Then the tease of Darkseid coming, which will lead into the Justice League Part 2.

Justice League Part 2

This movie obviously Darkseid comes in and the Justice League has to fight together to bring him down. Plan and simple, yet entertaining.

With all of that said in the shortest way I could possibly make it, that's what I think would've made this film more enjoyable and not so jam packed. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!


Do you guys think this way would've been better, or am I insane?


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