ByElijah Mendoza, writer at

Recently many people have chosen whether or not they are Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. Some say Team Cap, others say Team Iron Man. Someone even said Team Spider-Man! (Jon Bernthal) However, Tom Hiddleston has given a, unique answer.

When asked recently what side Loki would choose, Tom Hiddleston gave an answer that stays true to the Loki Character.

“He’s clearly on Team Loki,” Hiddleston said with a laugh. “They were all fairly unkind to him in The Avengers, so I’m not sure he would be taking sides.

"I think he would be sitting on a rooftop somewhere enjoying the fact that the children are squabbling. Going, ‘Ah! This is entertaining.’”

That definitely sounds like something Loki would do. But what about you, are you Team Iron Man or Team Captain America?


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