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6. Meet the Watchdogs

"The Watchdogs" who have previously been referred to as an online hate group who specifically target Inhumans. Now, after they attack an ATCU facility and make it implode, their organization becomes a bigger threat to the mission of S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Simmons and May hunt for Lash

May gives Simmons everything she has on the Lash case. Simmons knows how hard this must be on May, but May doesn't care. She knows they have to find him. Simmons tells May that she and Fitz have been working on the "Creel vaccine" that can stop terrigenisis, but May doesn't want anything to do with it. When she finds Andrew, she's going to kill him.

4. Daisy goes rouge

Against the better judgement of Mack, Daisy decides to go off-book to conduct her own investigation on the Watchdogs. She hunts down one of the members of the gang, and resorts to using her powers to get answers about where the they meet.

3. Blake is the leader of The Watchdogs

When Blake got out from the hospital (season 1), he realized there had never been a S.H.I.E.L.D, just Hydra hiding behind one. He doesn't approve of Inhumans, thats why he founded the Watchdogs, to take them out.

2. Lincoln gets tested by Coulson

Coulson tells Lincoln to take Blake out. Lincoln is hesitant and thinks there has to be another way. Coulson tells him, "sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reason" and insists again that Lincoln kill Blake. Lincoln follows his orders and attempts to take the shot, but not before realizing that they've been talking to a hologram this entire time. This was all a distraction, Blake is still out there and they're gonna find him.

1. Mack finally gets his shotgun-axe

The Watchdogs, follow Mack back to the house where he and his brother are living, attempting to take Mack out, but they don't know they're about to get the wrong end of the shotgun-axe. During the battle Mack got shot in the arm and is taken to get treatment as soon as S.H.I.E.L.D gets there. Daisy learns about Mack's nickname "Alfie" and can't wait to use that on him.


Malick is working with the Watchdogs.

(Are we even surprised?!?!)

Blake (who is confined to a wheelchair), lets Giyera know that he kept up his end of the bargain (??) and now him and Malick need to keep up theirs. He said he wants the big guns, so they can finally take all these "freaks" down for good. Fortunately for him, Giyera has a present that Blake is gonna like.

This one's for you Blake, Giyera, and Malick :))))))
This one's for you Blake, Giyera, and Malick :))))))

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