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Fans of the comic books never stop and think about why there are so many sharks in reading. Like seriously a very large amount of battle are between superheroes and sharks. I guess it looks cool but if someone starts to think about the concept than it kind of get's stupid. Here are all the superheroes that hate sharks.


Yes...yes that is Batman as a pirate. Batman has had many run in with sharks and even has fought one in the Adam West movie. One of Batman's great villains is actually Great Whit Shark. He isn't an actual shark but he resembles one and is a very strange opponent. Bats vs sharks, sounds fun to me. The next one is obvious I guess.


(He obviously doesn't hate sharks). Aquaman has had obvious run ins with rogue sharks but the main shark problem on his list is the super-villain King Shark. The bad shark has been a nuisance in the DC comics for a while now and keeps getting a beating. Just stop King Shark, you won't win.

Misty Knight

This scene in the comics really shows what its like to sucker punch a freaking shark. Misty Knight has been forgotten over the years but it is definitely hard to forget her run in with the sharks in the comics. Where is that comic? I need to find that comic.

Captain America

This is one of the more ridiculous moments in the Captain America comics. While fighting the Nazi's, Captain America get's surrounded by sharks and starts beating the hell out of them with his shield. Like the whole page consists of him beating up sharks. They just wanted to be your friend Cap.


Okay so this was a pretty graphic fight but the shark that Deadpool hates most is Tiger Shark. Super-villain Tiger Shark was paid to kill Deadpool and obviously things didn't go to plan and got Tiger Shark all messed up. The shark fight shown though was definitely sad though. Poor shark.


This is one of the most comical shark fights I ever had to read. Just look at that swinging motion as Wolverine smacks the shark into a boat and is like "here you go". What a massive jerk Wolverine is right here. Not only to the shark but the owner of the boat. (It never stood a chance) Really?


No. Just no to everything that is happening right now. It almost looks as if Superman started this fight just to win it. Look at how he is grabbing the face of that shark. Nope.!


This is now just out of hand. You know what screw know what I mean. Superheroes hate sharks even when there is no chance of a loss.

Why do you think sharks are so much of a cliche in comic books? Does it really make sense?

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