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A little over a year ago, the internet exploded after 'The Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman revealed a major spoiler from the comic books, while playing a game on @midnight. The irony of this is that the TV show was actually a comedy one, hosted by Chris Hardwick - the same Chris Hardwick that hosts Talking Dead.

Then recently, Kirkman has given a couple of interviews in which he talks about Negan and the season 6 finale, commenting about that same 'fake' spoiler he threw at us last year.

With the finale merely 4 days away, it's time to make an in-depth analysis of what Robert has said and what has been confirmed so far - and then maybe find out the real truth about all this trolling.

Back to that comic book spoiler...

Kirkman was playing a game of fake spoilers, where he, Lauren Cohan and Josh McDermitt had to come up with false facts about 'The Walking Dead'. Here's what Kirkman offered as a 'fake':

Eventually a character named Negan is introduced, and he's gonna bash in Glenn's brains with a baseball bate called Lucille.
The Walking Dead - Issue 100
The Walking Dead - Issue 100

This is old news now, as it was old news then for the comic book fans. The point was to give false spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV show, so maybe that's why Robert deemed it to be appropriate. Keep in mind that all this happened before Glenn, Nicholas and the dumpster came about, therefore Kirkman wasn't just simply feeding the fans's frenzy back then.

Glenn's revealed to be alive in "Thank You"
Glenn's revealed to be alive in "Thank You"

Although opinions varied quite a lot, the majority of fans were quick to assume some of that epic comic book sequence - or maybe all of it - wouldn't make it to the show, since Kirkman so blatantly used it as a fake spoiler. But then, Negan was cast, and with so many new theories about, this small glitch made by the series creator was left unanswered and unattended.

Weird sense of humor? Check.
Weird sense of humor? Check.

In a recent interview to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Kirkman makes some strong remarks on what people may expect from the finale, specifically how close it will stick to the comic book story-line. He mentions that, because Negan's introduction - and his eventually killing a fan favorite - is such an iconic moment in the books, it wouldn't seem appropriate to play it on screen exactly like in the comics. He adds:

We’re very confident that we found a way to keep it as unexpected in the show as it was in the comic. So it should be just as intense, just as heartbreaking, and just as shocking.

At this point, Negan is a reality, and so is Lucille. It's also a fact that someone will die in the season 6 finale. Putting this interview in the conspiracy pile and going back to that original spoiler...

Of course the hype around this finale is humongous and, just like haters gonna hate, fans will speculate. If you Google, Negan+finale+death, you'll find that pretty much all the existing Alexandrians have at least one great theory as to why they'd be the ones to die. But while we all theorize, Robert kills all our hopes of trying to figure out how things will play out.

On the 'Fear The Walking Dead' premiere screening, Kirkman says the finale will be "gut-punch" and he goes on debunking pretty much all the speculation that's been around from fans.

You've been watching this show for 6 seasons, and you think you know the rules, and you think you know how things are gonna go, and you really don't.

And so this last statement from Kirkman brings our speculation to...

"Who (the hell) is Negan?" in Abe's voice,please
"Who (the hell) is Negan?" in Abe's voice,please

Seriously though, let's do this right.

Negan is coming. And he'll definitely kill someone.

Lucille is coming. Being such an iconic weapon in the books, she's bound to be used at some point.

via AMC
via AMC

Those are basically the two facts that are actually facts. Other than that, it's our minds - and Robert Kirkman - playing tricks on us. Or maybe we've been looking at this all wrong...

If there wasn't a comic book series to draw from and it was only the show, then we wouldn't be so caught up in thinking someone would have his/her head bashed in. Negan would be this big bad that we know we need to worry about, but not fear or respect. And if you're Negan, you know these Survivors pose a real threat, since they've killed double digits of your bad**s crew. So, killing someone doesn't make these Survivors respect you or fear you. It makes them hunt you. And then kill more and more of your group. Then what's the solution for this stalemate?

I know what I would do...

But what would you do in the season finale if you were Negan himself?

'The Walking Dead' season finale airs this Sunday, April 3, on AMC.


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