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Chimichangas! Chimichangas! Deadpool is going to be eating a lot of chimichangas now! The hit movie Deadpool has continued to rise to the top in Box Office numbers. Already this movie is the #1 R Rated of all time.

Deadpool has done extremely better than anyone could have anticipated. The movie started with a grand opening weekend that topped $150 million domestically. The film is the first R-rated comic book movie to come even remotely close to those numbers.

But now who could be still be on top of Deadpool in the box office? The answer to that is, The Passion of Christ. This movie leads Deadpool by $20 million, at $370.8 million. However if Deadpool keeps going at the rate that it is going, it is likely to surpass that movie as well. What do you think?


Will Deadpool become the #1 R Rated Movie of All Time?

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