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And so Padme and Poe Dameron meet at last! Just, not in a galaxy far far away....

Well this is interesting. Star Wars I, II, and III star Natalie Portman will be co-starring alongside Star Wars VII star Oscar Isaac in the film adaptation of the sci-fi thriller novel Annihilation. Small world, huh?

Natalie is set to play a biologist who sets on an expedition with three others to locate her missing husband (Oscar Isaac) in Area X, a part of the world cut off from modern civilization. She faces a multitude of mysterious ailments, contaminants, disappearing friends, and a strange and dangerous animal called Crawler, only to discover her husband might not have been missing at all. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez are set to play Natalie's expedition team.

via scifi4me
via scifi4me

Ex-Machina director Alex Garland is also on board, which again pairs him again with Oscar Isaac, who also starred in the film. Ex-Machina in itself was an engaging and strange sci-fi film, so Alex seems very much qualified to bring the sci-fi thriller to the big screen. Annihilation is the first 3 novels in the series called The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. So, depending on the success of the first film, sequels may follow.


The idea of Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac sharing the screen definitely has me pretty excited, the Star Wars casts are all like one big happy family! I do wonder what Anakin might say about Poe Dameron being married to his late wife though....


Are you excited for Natalie and Oscar to co-star in 'Annihilation'?


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