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SPOILERS right here, SPOILERS, so if you are part of the lot who haven't seen the film, then get the bloody off here, mate.

Well, Batman V Superman is filled with easter eggs and hidden characters, so let me tell you about Jimmy Olsen's role in BVS.

Jimmy Olsen is a famous supporting character for Superman and his fans, so with a movie this stuffed with characters, then where's that young lad, Jimmy?

Well, he was in the movie.........then was SHOT in the face!

Jimmy Is A CIA Agent......Huh?

So, in the first 20 minutes of the film, Lois is captured in Africa, and with Jimmy Olsen together with her, and then he gets shot in the f***ng face!

Well, that's a tad good character development.

That's It For Jimmy Olsen?

Well, he is dead, so yeah....that's it.

Although he should have been in another solo Superman film, and i really don't want to stress this but look, Jimmy is not that of an important character, so...many people don't give a rat's ass about him.

But still for Superman fans, he is important...somehow.

Did you watch BVS this weekend? Do you think JImmy's time in the DCEU is over?


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