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Before we Start: I will have a clear warning for spoilers halfway through the article if you have not yet seen the movie.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE That is a name we've been waiting for many years now and it's finally here. The biggest question is, did it live up to the expectations? In my opinion, Definetely not. That's right, Batman V Superman was not a good movie, let's get into why.

Okay the biggest problem with BvS was that it was to cluttered. The movie went for 155 minutes and you could just look at the movie and say "Well, that doesn't need to be there." A movie is like knitting a jumper, You have to make it neat and then whoever you make it for will be happy. The torso is what brings all the sleeves and the hoodie together. Zack Snyder's jumper didn't have any torso and there's about a million threads hanging off it. I just, don't know how warner bros accepted this movie.

Another huge problem is that the characters weren't what they're suppost to be. Congratulations to that made something out of what they were given. I'll talk about it more in the spoilers but Henry Cavill did a great job at playing a characterthat was not superman. Zack needs to understand that you can't have a completely different vision to the comics.

As we all knew, we got some justice league cameos (if you can call the that). There was one particular part of the movie when they all showed up together and it felt very out of place. One character got another cameo and I felt the exact same way about it.

There are a lot of stories in this film that probably should have been movies in there own right. I'll give you an order of the movies contained in this one and how they should have put them in the DCCU.

Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel Sequel (Introducing Lex Luthor)

Batman Solo film

Batman V Superman

Wonder Woman

Justice League Part 1 (Should have set the team up)

All movies between the two JLs

Justice League Part 2 (They'd have the main fight with Darkseid or whatever)


Most of the action is pretty boring, the actual BvS fight was pretty polished with effects but it went way to quickly for the movie to be named after it. The fight had a lot of destruction considering a part of the movie was about superman dealing with what he did. The reasoning behind fighting was pretty lame. One fight scene that really impressed me was the fight scene that was at the start of the third trailer. It was really justice seein Batman fight how Batman should. In every other Batman movie he's just to stiff.

Another problem was that there was way too many plot holes. The story was too complicated when it didn't need to be.

I want to talk about Lex Luthor, there is a very minor spoiler which won't change the plot of the movie, at all.

The movie told that Jesse Eisenberg's character was Lex Luthor Jr. I want to point out that it doesn't matter who he is, he still goes by the name of Lex Luthor and Zack Snyder can't change anything. His character was more like the riddler or the joker, it was awful.

Okay, I've bagged it enough until spoilers so let's talk about the good stuff.

Like I said, The cast did well with what they were given. Ben Affeleck did pretty great. Gal Gadot was good but I think there was just something missing. Jeremy Iron's Alfred was probably my favourite Alfred yet and is probably the only characted that was the right character.

Most of the effects were pretty amazing and the actual movie looked pretty stunning most of the time. I still didn't love the look of Doomsday.

Overall I thought Batman V Superman was pretty bad, I feel like I wont be able to put my full point across without spoilers so if you've seen the movie, definetely stick around. So my rating for this movie is



I'm going to talk about the events in order.

First we get the funeral for Martha and Thomas. I didn't really care about any of this. I did like how the necklace was around the gun, that was straight out of the comic books and it seemed like Zack acknowledged different pictures from the comics. I wasn't a fan of the bat tornado thing or whatever.

I loved seeing Bruce's view of the battle of Metropolis. I know this is a bit of a strtch but it's probably my second or thirst favourite scene of the movie.

I want to talk about how boring the side story with Lois Lane finding the bullet which is only tracable to his company. It's just a complete waste of time and one of the smartest minds of all time actually did something like that. It's just stupid, it made a story that was too long and cluttered even more cluttered. Something like that just DOESN'T MATTER!

Then we have the terrorist threatening to kill Lois. Then we get superman and his evil smile fly into the room. I feel like superman was done pretty poorly. They have a hearing about this and I got really upset that this was the main fuel point for superman being 'bad'. They kept on saying that so many people died. These guys were terrorists. What about all the innocent people in the battle of METROPOLIS! HOW IS THIS WORSE THAN THAT! IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!

Around this time we get to see our new batman for the first time. Overall, the look of batman is pretty cool and comic accurate. Now let's talk about what he does. This batman, kills! Come on Zack! How the heck is Joker and many other villains survive. It's stupid! You can't have a very different opinion about a character and not expect fans to be annoyed! If anything, superman is completely right about the Punisher... Sorry, I mean Batman. They also made him do some sort of wierd scurrying thing across the roof. That was kinda wierd but it was cool.

Fast Forward a bit, we get our first look at Lex and Kryptonite. Basketball, Really? Oh, what about when he tried to feed that other guy candy, I'm sure you loved that.

Then we see Lex's party, I liked how superman could hear Alfred talking through batman's earpiece, that was a nice touch. Most of the dialogue was good as well.

We're going to speed up a bit. Wonder Woman, I'm mixed feeling about her. She was probably closest to Wonder Woman but it didn't give me the excitement I would've like to have. Her introduction fit in kind of well. She just had some plotholes.

Ok, flash's cameo sucked. you couldn't hear a word he was saying. At first I could only make out the words, "She is the key, Lois Lane!" It wasn't until I asked someone who's seen the movie three times and he said Flash was saying, "She is the key, Lois Lane. Am I too soon? I'm too soon. You are right about him, you were always right!" This same person told me that that was Flash since I had no idea before hand. Yes, I know it was Ezra Millar but I couldn't see his face. I feel like it was really poorly done.

Let's get into the good stuff. Martha, really? We'll go back to that. Lex's 'plan' was stupid. Superman, can't you think. You can probably fly around the whole of metropolis in two seconds, yet you dont even try. Just look for the place with bad guys that are holding guns, it's not that hard! I really think they could've thought of a better reason. The fight looked good, but it was way to short and the moves were pretty boring. KRYPTONITE! WHY! YOU COULDN'T THINK OF A BETTER REASON THAN KRYPTONITE! Lex Luthor only just discovered it and then you give it straight to Bruce. I know it was pivotal for the Doomsday fight but, seriously! You didn't have to kill off a great villain in the first ten minutes it was alive for, stupid! Oh, Martha! It's just... just... I can't even speak.

Now, Batmans fight scene was probably my favourite scene. It was absolutely incredible.

The Doomsday fight was put together sloppishly. They didn't talk as a team and batman didn't do a thing. If Zack doesn't get fired (Which after a month of bad reviews, I think he will), The Justice League's chemistry while fight has to be better than this. Superman and batman should be, 'Who the heck are you!' And the luck, Somehow Batman shoots the kryptonite, Wonder Women holds him down and superman stabs him and they didn't even talk once.

I felt no emotion towards superman death. We all know he'll be back by the first ten minutes of the Justice League Part 1. Even if he is dead, who cares! THEY KILLED HIM OF IN THE SECOND MOVIE! AND DOOMSDAYS EVEN WORSE! HE GOT THE DR DOOM TREATMENT! YOU DIDN"T NEED THE KRYPTONITE!

So that was my review of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Hope you enjoyed and please don't kill me in the comments. I'm allowed to have my opinion, and I'm not saying you're not allowed to like it. Hope you enjoyed. And remember, If you're batmans enemy, just say your mum is called Martha.


Was Batman V superman Good?


Was Batman V superman Good?


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