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After seeing Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens last year, fans couldn't help but fall in love with Rey, Finn and the sassy spherical droid, BB-8. These fast friends were easy fan favorites and are already ushering in a new, younger generation of Star Wars fandom.

Rey might not have loved holding hands with Finn while running, but that hasn't stop fans from shipping the two characters.

This past weekend, three attendees at Salt Lake Comic Con came dressed as the real-life version of the trio, officially making them the cutest Star Wars cosplaying family in all the galaxy.

One Big Happy Family

Talk about some serious family goals.

Rey, Finn And Little BaBy-8

With their good friend Aayla Secura around, they'll never want for a droidsitter. If you were looking for your daily dose of cuteness, these pictures should be enough to tide you over for a little while.

In addition to fighting the First Order and honing their Force sensitivity, it looks like Finn and Rey might have to add explaining the bots and the bees to their little BB-8.

Which Star Wars Character Would You Want To Cosplay?


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