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Marvel or DC fanboys, chill for a minute and hear me out.

Batman V superman, IN MY OPINION, was a good film. According to MY OWN rating system that I know no one cares about, it was good. Here's how it works;

Dark knight - Masterpiece,

Iron Man 1/Winter soldier - Great,

Dawn of Justice - good

Iron man 3/ Man of steel - okay

Wolverine X-men Origins - bad

Green Lantern/ Superman returns - A complete pile of shit

The above is just my opinion and I thought the film was beautiful and succeeds in setting up the next Justice League, get everyone excited about Wonder-Woman and the fight of course.

So why does Marvel need to be worried?

From Dawn of Justice Box office results, it surpassed both Avengers movies so far and I know this could just be the initial hype and it might not have the potential to surpass the overall 1.4 billion earned by age of Ultron. However, the general audience, from what I have heard so far, is getting tired of Zack Snyder films being panned by critics without providing valid reasons and Marvel/Disney films receiving undeserved praise. Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron were big let downs after all the greatness of Winter Soldier, Iron Man 1 and the First Avengers film.

Firstly, Marvel is too childish for some. Especially Iron Man 3 being a comedy instead of some AC/DC plus crazy Iron man action. Also, Ultron trying to crack PG jokes was not a good option. DC/WB has a good chance in making the films more dark and serious and this will attract the 16+ crowd. Believe me, we all do not want Thanos in Infinity War to be a complete joke after, all the build up towards the character and we need seriousness in Infinity War films.

After the first two trailers for Civil War and the seriousness and the darkness of the film must be praised as it must stay faithful to the comics and deliver the same tone with a different story and less characters. But, a new clip was just released and it shows a scene where WHILE FIGHTING, black widow asks hawkeye, "Are we still friends?" and he answers back, "depends on how hard you hit". aaaaaaaand there goes all my hype. Again, it's like Russo brothers are forced to make this a comedy film.


So, The Justice League Part 1 is getting released on the November 16th, 2017 and the Avengers - Infinity War part 1 on May 4th, 2018. Look at the main villains of both films, Darkseid and Thanos. Both big blue bastards, trying to destroy earth.

Since, Justice league comes out first, which is a wise move by WB, audience will get to see Darkseid first and who wants see another blue bad-ass invade earth again?


Do you think Marvel needs to get rid of the childish formula?


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