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Joseph Williams Jr

When I was young, I grew up with Knight Rider, Airwolf, Streethawk and Automan as some of my superheroes on TV. The only issue was, they were on different networks. Airwolf was on CBS, Knight Rider was on NBC, and Automan and Streethawk which both was short lived on ABC.

In my dreams, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great to have them all work together on a episode or a mini story arch where they all had the same villain and had to defeat them. A TV crossover like no one has ever seen before. But, back then it was a fan boy dream.

As we all knew, once Supergirl was green lighted for CBS, the wish list started on will there and could there be a meeting of the Hero's. In the beginning CBS shot it down big time, because they wanted their show to stand or fall on its own. But, the voices of the fans where loud enough that network brass finally gave in to the wishes and on Monday March 28, 2016 it was finally realized and Supergirl and The Flash was finally on the same show together making the fanboy dream did came through.

I know some of you are saying but Constantine was on "Arrow!" Yeah that is true, but only after the NBC show was canceled. And again after the fans screamed for more Constantine, then they finally gave it to them. If you look at it, I think everyone realized that Constantine was on the wrong network to begin with, and should have been on The CW. I think if it was shown on that network, it would still be on the air.

So after it was all over what do you think? was it worth the wait?

I rate the episode a bright 4 out of 5 stars!

Why is it not four? Well, I look at the rush factor in the show. Of course the shows share the same show runners, so the feel makes them being together very organic. It just felt that it was a rushed project, put together just to keep us quite and entertained.

As the show began, I feel instead of the Flash just popping up in the planet through the breach and he was by accident show up to catch Kara out of the sky, it would have been cool to replay the moment Siobhan used her sonic scream to save her life, when this happen, the vibration of the scream vibrated at frequency that caused a disturbance while Barry/The Flash was traveling through earths and caused him to land on the planet. This would have been a plausible entrance in light of the fact Silver Banshee's powers are supernatural.

Moving on, It was cute on how they just clicked when they meet each other like they knew each other for years. I guess with only a hour for the show, they had to speed that part up. For the villains, to have Silver Banshee and Live wire teamed up to get at Cat Grant and Kara seemed very natural since they both hate them and created a real sense of danger for the two hero's to team up.

I do like that each show plays out a moral dilemma for the hero's to combat in regards to their own development. Barry was able to give his own sense of wisdom to Kara so she could resolve in herself what she needed to do to be a better hero. I guess that's what's missing in the show because to be in a world with a Superman and not be able to get that feedback from him to be a better hero herself, is sort of like taking the long road around. Which can make a better journey for the hero to travel.

I know for the longest the writers have been working the angle to get Kara and Jimmy to hook up, which i think is okay. There is that word again, Organic! I just feel it was pushed in a direction that could have matured with a couple more episodes to give it a little more flavor. But like all things on TV, they have to keep the pace quick and fluid to get in as much as they can to get everything in place for the last episode of the season. So the angle of Jimmy feeling weird every time Barry and Kara and talking shop kept that pot boiling. Along this line, it was great when Cat Grant had the four in her office and she mentions, "The attractive but nonthreatening racially diverse cast of a CW show." This was a nice line to state the episode event.

So as all things have to end, there was the ending battle for Cat Grant since she was captured by Livewire and Silver Banshee. The battle didn't last that long but was able to set up the moment needed to give Supergirl her moment to redeem herself in the eyes of the people by putting herself in the line of fire to save the lives of the Helicopter Pilot. I only wish there was a little more effort on Supergirl's part to get it back. But, like always, it served as the gateway to bring her back to the fold. I only wish, the Flash had more of a impact in the episode to wow us and give the episode a little more teeth.

But, when it's all over, i did enjoy watching it and wanted more. I can only hope they look to expand the interaction next season and add more. I would like to see a multi episode event tying all the network shows together. A story that would start with Legends, then move to Supergirl, then to The flash, then Arrow and then ending with Legends again. There is so much that can give a universe of feel for the series, and bring it all together. I can't wait to have this event to happen again, so CBS hurry up and renew the series for next season.

Happy Watching everyone.


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