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After the long and arduous search for the perfect Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can rest easy that Tom Holland was the right choice for the job. We've only had a quick glimpse at his portrayal, but I'm already sold.

In case you still had reservations about the young actor playing Peter Parker, another Marvel alum, Jon Bernthal, the Punisher from Daredevil, is happy to vouch for him.

Last year, the two actors filmed the upcoming medieval thriller Pilgrimage. At the same time, Holland was going through the audition process for Spider-Man. Not only does Bernthal speak highly of Holland in relation to other young actors, but in relation to every actor in Hollywood:

"I worked with Tom intensely in Ireland on ['Pilgrimage']; a group of us were all living in a remote part of Western Ireland, eating every meal together, on set all day with each other. And I got to tell you, in all my years in Hollywood, I'm probably more impressed with Tom Holland than anyone else I've ever met. For a guy his age, he's a force of nature. I saw him go through the process of trying to win that role. He fought for it. He just went out and got it. That's not an easy feat."

With the Punisher's stamp of approval, it's a safe bet that Holland will impress us all for years to come.

Tom Holland will make his first appearance as Spider-Man in 'Captain America: Civil War', opening in theaters on May 6.


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