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Beware, ahead lie spoilers for the movie, Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice, okay.... you've been warned

Critics bashed it, fans praised it, and overall Warner Brothers Studios and Zack Snyder made this dream come true. Taking place 18 months after the events of Man of Steel, BvS shows the outcome of the destruction of Metropolis at the hands of Superman and General Zod.

From start to finish, BvS keeps the audience entertained and focused on what's going on, from the background story of the Bats, to Superman coping with becoming a full fledged hero or juggling a normal life. Jesse Eisenburg brings to the table a Lex Luther that will never be forgotten, and Gal Godot electrifies as Wonder Woman. It is understandable though why critics would bash the movie and fans would applaud it. Some say it's the lead Director Zack Snyder is taking the Universe. Already, people trying to petition Snyder from directing Justice League Part 1 (2017), but others would argue the confusion of the whole movie. So let's get on with it.

Oh shit.....
Oh shit.....

Reasons why some disliked Batman v. Superman

1. Welcome to the real world

Don't get me wrong, superhero movies show major destruction and chaos, but the DCCU has got to take the cake. From all of the Destruction Porn in Man of Steel, to the destruction of Gotham, Riker's Island, and parts of Metropolis (again), BvS didn't lighten up on the dark tone of the films. From murder to vicious beat downs, its no wonder that BvS is getting an Ultimate Rated R cut. Marvel may show some destruction in each of it's movies, but at least it gives the audience hope that they may come out alive if they were present during that situation. As for DC.... well if you're present during any of their battles, your survival may be a strong 15%.

2. Batman Kills and doesn't think twice

We all know that Batman has done everything and anything to protect the people he loves, but killing was never in his quota. In this movie, well I guess old man Bruce has gotten too old for this shit. In almost ever Batman scene he at least lets one or more thugs bite the dust. From shooting and blowing up KGBeast, for good reason though, to letting thugs get blown up by grenades. Even in Bruce's nightmare, the Bat takes down some of Superman's henchman by shooting them with guns, even going as far as to snapping a man's neck.

3. Hey it's Jimmy Olsen..... BAM

Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent's beloved best friend and photographer had a small role in the film. Some may argue that this wasn't Jimmy Olsen, but on the characters list, or the movies IMDB page, it says he is Jimmy.While he and Louis are interviewing some Drug Lord in the middle of Africa his camera is destroyed and searched for any wires. Once the villain KGBeast found a CIA wire, he placed Jimmy on his knees, Jimmy told the group that he was only working with the CIA, not Louis, and BAM! As quickly as Jimmy was introduced, Jimmy was killed off.


Even though the excitement of Doomsday coming into the picture was real, the set up and follow through were a bit blurry. From Lex creating this creature with a mix of General Zod's DNA, to the behemoth stealing the third act as the main fight. I mean don't get me wrong, but the movie is called Batman vs. Superman. Some of the follow through was amazing, from Doomsday's evolution, his power,and showing that we was a match for the Man of Steel. Yet for some reason he lacked background, lacked build up, and even lacked future potential. I mean they could have left him alive or saved him for installments in the future.

5.The Set-up

I love the fact that the film began and ended with a funeral, from the deaths of Martha and Thomas Wayne to the deaths of Superman and Clark Kent. But everything else in between was somewhat a bit blurry. I mean in one scene we see a young Bruce Wayne being lifted into the air by bats, next we see Superman taking down thugs in Africa. The movie bounced around a lot, from flashbacks, dreams, fights, dialogue, and more fights. I mean honestly if you took a quick restroom break you possibly would have missed a whole scene or a major key for the plot of the film. I mean really some would understand the dream sequences, but most people would wonder what the hell is going on.

Ahhhhhh the critics
Ahhhhhh the critics

But to every dark night there is always a brighter day. And to every single bad review there is always 10 fans willing to go against that review, so....

Reasons why fans loved Batman v. Superman

Actual footage of fans taking down the critics
Actual footage of fans taking down the critics

1. Welcome to the DC Cinematic Universe

During Man of Steel, fans knew that the DC Cinematic Universe, or the Snyderverse, was just kicking off. After multiple interviews and many speculations, Batman v. Superman was announced at SDCC 2013. Fans went nuts and everything changed. Marvel and Fox finally had another branch of Superheroes battling to win the Cinematic Race. After many hints at Easter eggs held withing the film BvS dropped the DC world onto the public. With Gotham and Metropolis being in plain site, the characters brought the movie to life. With every single actor bringing what they had to their character, the movie was as exotic as the cast.

2. The Characters

Ben Affleck, after months and months of bashing and judgement, proved that not only is he Bruce Wayne, but that he IS BATMAN. His style, his age, and his version of the character not only brought a different Batman to the Silver Screen, but a darker, grittier version of the Bat himself. Gal Gadot brought her best and brought Wonder Woman to life. Her character was not only exotic, but mysterious and bad ass. Jesse Eisenburg made the villainous Lex Luther even darker and more political than he's ever been, let alone crazy, and Jeremy Irons proved to us why Alfred Pennyworth is and will always be Batman's right hand. Lets also not forget about the cameos that left us wanting more.

3. The Justice League

Squad rolling up
Squad rolling up

Besides the introduction to Wonder Woman, everyone got a look into the freshman look of the Justice League. During the nightmare sequence featuring a world where the Injustice Superman reigns supreme, Barry Allen, aka The Flash appears from the future to warn Bruce that "She was the Key", probably alluding to Louis Lane being Superman's only love. Bruce then wakes up shocked and confused. Later on while looking through Lex's Metahuman archives we get to see the rest of the line up, from Ezra Miller's The Flash taking on a burglar in a corner store, some divers discovering Jason Mamoa's Aquaman, and Ray Fisher's Cyborg becoming.... well Cyborg. This quick minute of screen time shed some light on what was to come in the not too distant future. Let alone the cameos, Bruce Wayne even states at the end to assemble the team so that they may fight.

4.The Continuation

Man of Steel left everyone wondering what would happen since Superman literally destroyed all of Metropolis and then some. Well this movie answers just that. Right from the start the movie shows how Bruce Wayne is racing the streets trying his best to get to his men at Wayne Enterprises. Yet we learn the area where Zod finally learns how to use his heat vision, is the barley constructed Wayne Enterprises. As Bruce reaches his building, he watches horrifically as it crumbles to the ground. Bruce realizes then that he must stop Superman at all costs just in case he ever decides to turn against humanity. Thus kicking off the movie.

5. God vs Man, Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

Okay lets face it, Superman can kill any person he wants to,he just has mercy. But lets also face it, Batman is the only man who has the balls to go up against him mano-a-mano, and he's Batman. But if anyone has read the graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, they would know how the bout would go down. With the absence of the Green Arrow, Bruce Wayne managed to create his armored suit, prepped with Kryptonite, and brought the Man of Steel the most intense ass kicking of his life. At some moments, Superman gained the upper hand, throwing the Bat through some walls and buildings, and even managed to almost pulverize him, but it was the Bat who would end the battle. And who would have thought, the Man of Steel would be brought down by a man in an armored bat costume.

And finally

The Death of Superman

Paying homage to the comics, Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday. As Superman drives the Kryptonite spear through the creature, Doomsday's seavered hand became a sharp jagged bone. Doomsday then implaes Superman through the chest and both go down. As Batman and Wonder Woman bring his body down, Louis then cries over his lifeless body. As the world mourns Superman's death, friends and family mourn over the death of Clark Kent. But don't worry sports fans, Superman will return. With the movie's ending of a faint heartbeat and the anti gravitational dirt end scene, audiences know the Man of Steel will return soon.

The Future

With the line up coming down the pipeline, Wonder Woman and Justice League Part 1 being released next year and Suicide Squad coming this August, it would be easy to imagine how fast the Universe is slowly starting to evolve. Actors are already being cast, their universe is being set in stone, and as Lex Luther stated "He's coming, He's coming". Ladies and Gentlegeeks the 7 are uniting and Darkseid is on his way. With a little glimpse of his reign in Bruce Wayne's nightmare, there is no doubt that havoc will be spread. But if the Justice League are truly coming together, then without a doubt Darkseid will have the fight coming to him, question is are we ready to see the League for the first time ever on the Silver Screen. Only time can tell.......

What are your thoughts? Did you like Batman v. Superman? Did you not? What are your thoughts? Let me know on the comments below


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