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Nathaniel Rego

Gotham despite no Batman at all involved has been doing swell on Fox. Yet, there is a rumor that 2 TV shows are in works; Alfred and Metropolis. Alfred focuses on Batman's aiding butler and ally while Metropolis serves as a prequel to Superman focusing on Clark Kent's life on Earth after his home world of Krypton has forcefully died out. However, neither of these 2 DC series will definitely not go thru with being launched.

In the upcoming live action remake of the Disney animated film Pocahontas, a Native American woman named Pocahontas (Victoria Justice) (Fun Size, Wicked, Eye Candy) falls for a British settler named John Smith (Chris Pine) (Star Trek, Finest Hours) secretly in spite of a war between the Indians and Smith's kind led by Radcliffe an evil greedy governor of England.

Victoria Justice experiences the colors of the wind in Pocahontas as Pocahontas in theaters soon.


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