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WARNING: Spoilers for 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.'

Amendment: We have since learned that this supposed easter egg is, in fact, a military tribute known as the missing man formation. We regret to have learned this after the post had been published, and apologise for any misunderstandings caused by this report. - Moviepilot

No matter what you thought of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), it's hard to deny that the movie did a great job of setting up future installments. Not only did we get teases for the upcoming Justice League movies, but also Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Despite all that, there was one upcoming movie that was unaccounted for (besides Shazam, of course): Green Lantern Corps.

We've heard rumblings about Hal Jordan being in Batman V Superman for months, but without any solid confirmation. These rumblings began when relatively unknown actor Dan Amboyer joined the movie's cast list on IMDb:

Everyone was pretty cool with a random dude playing "Drone Pilot." It's not like the character was even important enough for a name, let alone any defining characteristics. But then, Amboyer uploaded a very curious selfie onto his Instagram:

And that's when fans started caring. Because when you combine that outfit with a pilot, it can only mean one thing:

Hal Jordan

After a short burst of fan enthusiasm, everything went quiet on the Green Lantern front (again). And it stayed that way for months — until Mr. Amboyer went back to his Instagram page to tell us how excited he was about Batman V Superman:

It was clear at that point that he's been reading everything online, and knew what everyone was thinking. So we speculated and waited impatiently for the movie to come out, and then...

Green Lantern Wasn't In It (Or Dan Amboyer, For That Matter)

March 25 came, and underneath all the debating, there was one thing that was clear: Green Lantern wasn't in it. Neither was Hal Jordan. And unless millions of people missed him, Dan wasn't in it either.

And that's where I think everyone's wrong.

So where was he hidden? Well...

Superman's Military Funeral

You may have been too teary-eyed to notice, but there were five planes that flew above Superman's funeral procession. They all went in the same direction, until something interesting happened.

The Fourth Plane Just Flew Straight Up

Yup, that's right. During a seriously somber affair (some might even say super somber), one of the five military planes ditched the procession. It flew up, while the other four kept on going. See, it could have been part of the plan, had the other planes done that too, even if they went in different directions. But nope, they followed protocol. None of them (presumably) tried flying into space. So who do we know, as an audience, that is used to a rogue lifestyle?

Hal Motherf**king Jordan

It's completely unclear whether Amboyer was (or is?) Hal Jordan, but one thing's obvious: This is a major tease. But if the movie had a hint like this, why didn't we see it? Well, it's likely that the "Drone Pilot" was cut from the theatrical release, much like Jena Malone's Barbara Gordon. There would be no other need to even come to set (in costume, nonetheless) if the Easter Egg would be 100 percent CGI, right?

So there you have it.


What do you think? Was that supposed to be Hal Jordan?


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