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Television has been a place for great entertainment. It also has been a place for great controversy. Whether it was a certain series, plot line, or even the stars themselves, there always seems to be something to talk about.

So, I thought I would compile a list of six controversial television episodes. There is far more than just these.

Tiny Toon Adventures- "One Beer"

The Tiny Toons decided to take on the dangers of drinking and driving, and alcohol in general in an episode that only aired once. Buster, Hampton, and Plucky share one beer. They start slurring their words, developing beerbellies, grow stumble, and bloodshot eyes. They get rejected by "Babies", and end up driving off a cliff in a police car. Yep, the end up dead. No wonder it was only shown once.

Part of the episode is above.

Pokemon- "Electric Soldier Porygon"

Remember, why back in 1997, when a bunch of children in Japan, almost 700, where sent to the hospital? That was because of Pokemon. During a sequence of the show where Pikachu was in cyberspace and blowing up missiles, the rapidly changing and flashing colors caused seizures in children. The show has not been shown since.

Saturday Night Live- Sinead O'Connor

In 1992, Sinead O'Connor performed her song, "War", on SNL. What made it so controversial was that she held up a photo of the Pope and even tore up the photo. At the end, she threw the pieces at the camera and shouted, "Fight the real enemy."

It did not sit well with many religious viewers.

The Simpsons- "Blame It On Lisa"

The Simpsons is known to stir-up controversy every once in a while, but when they went to Brazil, they pissed off a whole country. On the hunt for Lisa's missing pen pal, the family traveled to Brazil and caused so much trouble. Riotur, the country's Board of Tourism, threatened to sue Fox over the immense stereotyping and inaccuracy of the show.

The episode is still in syndication.

Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood- "Conflict"

How could Mister Rodgers be controversial? Talking about nuclear bombs. In November, 1983, nuclear war was a real possibility, and Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood decided to air a week long episode talking about it.

King Friday was convinced Corny the Beaver was stockpiling weapons and decided to do so himself. Of course, it was all a big miss understanding, but it is a scary day when children's television is talking about nuclear war. Luckily, the episodes haven't been shown since 1996.

Maude- "Maude's Dilemma, Part 1&2

Abortion is a touchy subject today. In 1972, before the Roe V. Wade decision, it was even touchier. And yet, Maude decided to have a two-part episode about it. When the title character, Maude played by Bea Auther, found out that she was pregnant at the age 47, she had to decide if she would get an abortion. The show handle the topic well and with all the respect in the world. And in the end, she got the abortion.

It didn't go over well in religious circles and was even pulled from reruns. CBS eventually started showing again.


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