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Ok let me start off by saying I am no DC hater at all. I prefer DC over Marvel any day. Their superheroes often have more epic and god-like feel to them. I also appreciate the serious tone of DC’s universe compared to the playful more kid/family oriented tone of Marvel’s cinematic universe. With that being said I truly believe Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy are better films then anything Marvel has made outside of the Captain America: Winter Solider. With all 4 films DC got it right from a film making perspective. Each film had a gripping and emotional story and was well balanced with solid action that left you with certain questions upon seeing them. All of this has led up to the spectacle that is Batman vs Superman (yes I know TDKR trilogy takes place in a separate universe). A film that was once very unlikely to happen has finally arrived after a long 3 year wait. Now be warned that this review contains “SPOLIERS”!

BvS is a very interesting film and one that I want to like so, so bad! I really wanted to leave the movie theater saying “it was amazing I’m blown away”, but unfortunately I didn’t. Now this is not to say its bad film, it’s just that there were many things that I feel that they failed to capitalize on. I warn you I may come off as nitpicky, but this is just my honest assessment. For one I think we could’ve gone without the retreaded scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents dying. It was an unnecessary gloomy start and very drawn out. I would’ve just preferred a beginning where Bruce visits his mother’s grave accompanied by Alfred who provides a backdrop and commentary about her, that way it would’ve provided a better connection during the “Martha” quote by Superman. My next issue would be how the world perceives Superman, it starts gaining traction and then suddenly a bomb goes off and the storyline just kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Think back to the Dark Knight and how toward the end the public had kind of turned against Batman, it stuck in a way that emotionally resonated. They missed the boat here.

Another issue of mine would be Jesse’s Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor. For one why not keep the classic bald Lex Luthor look? Secondly although Eisenberg had some great dialogue he just doesn’t look the part, he was not menacing at all. Eisenberg came off as some rich spoiled child who rants when he doesn’t get his way. Also I felt they could’ve done a better job of explaining the reason behind Lex’s hatred of Superman. The casting could’ve been done much better here, Bryan Cranston anyone? Ok now here is the part where you may say I’m being nit picky, but was it just me or did Hans Zimmer dropped the ball. He really over dramatized the music this time around and felt it took way from some scenes as the felt unnecessarily over the top.

Lastly my chief complaint would be that movie had issue with pacing and could’ve made better use of Batman and Superman in certain scenes. There were scenes that just seemed to drag along and had lulls in action with a lot of insignificant dialogue. For starters it seems as Superman doesn’t have much to do throughout the film other then fly around and save Lois Lane or do standard good citizen acts. A key example of this was the scene where Superman rescues Lois in the desert. Why not make this more extensive with a better fight scene showcasing his abilities, instead they made it a very quick one-off scene. Also when Batman and Superman meet face to face for the first time why not have them due battle right then and there with Batman using his wits to try outsmart Superman only to realize that he is no match and needs better equipment. I was disappointed that they only faced off once in the film. Wonder-woman could’ve been put to better use as she essentially makes a cameo. I would’ve liked to see her used in away akin to Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises where she really gets some solo scenes to shine. Last, but not least the Death of Superman just really put a damper on things. I understand this happens in the comics, but surely they could’ve had a better ending then having him die, it just brought more gloom to the film and negated the Trinity’s triumph over Doomsday because in the end they lost more than they won. It was just a really somber, depressing way to end a movie.

Now that I got all the things wrong with BvS there was some positives. I thought Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman, not perfect but solid I enjoyed his fight scenes and felt it really brought that vigilante edge to Batman. The fight scenes in general were a joy to watch as Zach Synder has the visual aspect of film down to a science. I loved the plot and how it addressed the issues of MoS. Overall BvS was not a bad movie, there was just too many half-realized ideas and a lack of execution. I do believe the future is bright as they did a terrific job setting up the Justice League film. I would give this film a 7 out of 10 rating.


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