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One of the reasons people hated on BvS was it's way of storytelling. Majority say that the movie felt discontinuous at times and also certain aspects that needed an explanation was left unexplained.

Though I don't completely agree to this, I did feel that at certain parts some-things were abruptly left out to meet the needs of an ideal runtime.

For those who aren't aware, the Director's cut of BvS is about three hours long and about thirty minutes of it didn't make it to the final product. All we can do now is wait for the Director's cut and see for ourselves what we missed out on.

One of the scene that I felt needed an explanation was the scene in the prison, when Luthor tells Batman that 'He is coming'.

If not an explanation, at least a scene of how Luthor came to know of it should have been included.

And finally, yesterday when Warner Bros. released the deleted footage, I got a satisfying explanation.

This footage is just forty-five seconds, What if Zack truly had an explanation for everything in that trimmed thirty minutes?

Who knows, editing might be the aspect that actually ruined the movie!


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