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You Think Seeing Daryl Dixon As A Walker Would Shock You?

Nope, totally not kidding. You might say I'm crazy and that you hate me — and that I should go off myself, Carol-in-the-comics-with-a-walker-style — but stay with me. There are quite a few things pointing to this shocker!

Dwight Shot Our Favorite Redneck, Point Blank

That looks like it was right through the bloomin' heart.

And there was A LOT of blood. More blood that you'd think if it were just a shoulder or arm wound.

“You'll be alright.” Those words bug the hell out of me. They remind me of Lizzie's frame of mind after she killed Mika, thinking that she would still be a person.

Reedus Himself Says We Should Be Very Worried About Daryl

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Norman Reedus has this to say:

"Andy [Lincoln] said he was late for work because he read it all night; Josh [McDermitt] said he threw the script; Lauren [Cohan] threw up. It's gnarly. I was instantly curious. I had ideas about what would happen and it made you feel sick and it was painful."

Even Melissa McBride was left speechless.

That's right — it's THAT bad, folks.

We've Already Seen One Dixon Walker

It was shocking as hell the first time, so maybe TWD wants to shock the hell out of us again.

What do you think? Will Daryl be a walker for a short time in the Season 6 finale?

Here's a few pieces of fan art to get you ready for the big reveal!

That last one is a creation of AkiTheAlien on his DeviantArt page. The Walking Dead Season 6 finale airs this Sunday on AMC.


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