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Now this is my first post so dont blame me for my mishaps. With the punisher now being reavealed in netflix's daredevil season 2 I want to look back at tom janes 2004 protrayl of the iconic antihero and discuss why its good and why it always will be.

1: Tom Janes protrayl was amazing

Now while Ray Stevenson's protrayl wasnt all bad he didnt set the standards that Tom Jane had lived up to while others may argue against this statement many fans have praised his performance saying that not even jon brethnal has surpassed him with his debut.

2 : it didnt overuse violence

Okay I know what your thinking right about now your thinking what the f**ck is wrong with you thats what made warzone awsome and I love blood and gore just as much as you do but i tell ya for me it was way to intense for me it made blade look like childs play and 2004's punisher didnt do this while yes it was pretty graphic at the final fight scene it didnt make this the main focus of the film like warzone did.

3 : it's the only film to give us a close origin of the character

While warzone did give us a flashback to his familys slaughter with the original comic book origin it didnt really showcase it like it should have. However with tom janes film it didnt give us an original origin instead it took the liberty of haveing his entire family tree being killed and only his son was born even though his daughter was born first in the comics. Maybe his wife was pregnate with her?

4 : it's recieved the most positive reception in the series

Anti-hero films are critisised alot (pardon my spelling) with films like all three punisher films both ghost riders (2nd one was horrible dont get me wrong) and jonah hex. While there are a few expectations with judge dredd (2012 not 1995) and deadpool (not wolverines version) tom jane impressed critics the most holding a 29% rating on rotten tomatoes with a score of 4.5 stars and warzone receiveing a 27% rating and 1989's film scoreing a 28% score.

5: it's the first legit anti-hero film

Yes there have been some anti-hero films before this one most of them in the 20th century broke tradition with their characters such as judge dredd removeing his helmet and punisher not wearing his skull While im not aware of any other anti-hero films that came out before this one (let me know in comment's section) this one was one of the first to stay faithful to the comics wearing his skull and sticking close to the origin of the character and using punisher's violent nature.

6 : it was the 2nd highest grossing film of 2004

While most punisher fans of 1989 didnt have much hope for a reboot or sequel they certainly didnt show it neither did their wallets grossing almost 14 million dollars in its opening weekend alone and the earning over 54 million dollars world wide.

7 : it would have possibly made a franchise if not for the studios

While it wasnt really the studios fault they couldnt make a sequel the primary reason was due to budget cuts and the fact that director jonathan hensleigh couldnt come up with a good script and without him jane had left the project leading to punisher warzone.

And finally #8 the theme song

Yes the thing that most fans seem to praise is the infamous theme song that will probably live forever in history takeing on a sort of western tune to it this is one of the greatest songs in cinema history. Unfortunately I dont know how to put youtube videos on hear. Just look up punisher theme youll find it.

I know its odd to end with a porky pig pic but hey what will you do I realize this was a long list if you made it this far i hope you enjoyed and think about this stuff next time you watch this epic blockbuster it's personnally one of my most faveorite movies ever and i hope you feel the same way.

Did you think tom janes punisher was good?


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