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From the Adamantium A-hole, I present to you, seven of 's most wacky, messed up moments, ever.

And from a guy who can survive being ripped apart and eaten by a raging green maniac (yes those are included), the normal "top 5" list has been extended by a couple. Like Deadpool, whose comics are so full of WTFs and OMGs ( would get a top four million list, I swear), has quite the wild comic history!

Thank goodness NONE of these will appear in .

1. The Hulk Tore Wolverine In Half

And he stayed that way in comic book limbo for 3.5 years! What did they think would happen when they had them two fight? He had a long, long way to go to find those legs Hulk chucked.

2. The Hulk Freaking Ate Wolverine

And of course, he tore his way out.

3. They Actually Had Him Fight Magneto

Why? Why on earth would you match up a man made of metal with a metal manipulating maniac named ?

Holy M&M's, Batman.

4. Punisher Goes All Austin Powers On The Dude

After a fight with the (what is it with heroes fighting each other?), ends up with no face, no knees, and no balls after Frank shoots him, well, in all those places. Knowing he'll get right back up again in a few minutes, the Punisher commandeers a steamroller, and smooshes the hell out of .

5. And Then, Wolverine Wins A Fight By Calling Punisher Gay

Yep, that'll pretty much put an end to any fight.

6. Spock Takes Logan Down

I mean, the Jean-Luc Picard/Xavier thing is cool, but this is just weird. Yet cool.

7. Wolverine Hates Jews?

Man, they really let that one slip under the radar!

I know there are a BUNCH more to include, but seven seemed like a good number to stop at! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

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