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You would think a stand-up guy like Steve Rogers would never have an awkward, sexually explicit, or otherwise immoral moment in any of his comics, but believe it or not, there are quite a few! None of which will happen in , hopefully.

It took some major googling and digging (goodiggling? digoogling? doogling!), but here are some of 's most embarrassing moments.

1. Captain America Takes Hitler Downtown

What is it with heroes punching Hitler that gets people excited? Oh, yeah — he was a complete assbutt, and people hate assbutts! But even still, seeing punch Hitler is kind of weird.

2. Even Captain America Has His Racist Moments

Okay, , I'll just leave these here and slowly walk away...

3. Captain America's War On Drugs

It was an okay idea, I guess, to use comics to educate kids about drugs. But seeing Cap carrying a guy who overdosed is just a little too real. Keep the covers upbeat, like this:

4. Captain America Juices!

Courtesy of dorkly
Courtesy of dorkly

In the '90s, something called Heroes Reborn happened, and Cap came out of it looking like... um... that.

5. Captain Ameriwerewolf?

Yep, you got it. Rounding out number 5 is Steve Rogers turning into a werewolf. He's injected with a new serum that makes him change into a werewolf, and then fight's who? , of course!

Did I miss any Captain Ameriweirdness? Let me know in the comments!

Here's some more Marvel comic weirdness to pass the time:


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