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Aside from the weirdest part, where you have four ninja turtles and one ninja rat walking around kicking criminal butt, there have been some pretty cowaaat-the-heck-bunga moments in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. And coming from a guy who has a couple dozen of the original comics, you can bet I'm going to deliver.

And the best part about all this? I get to read all of my old turtles comics again! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Thank you, Moviepilot, and readers, for this opportunity!

Cudley the Cowlick, the interdimensional flying cow head

The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet Archie” issues were chock-full of good stuff! Cudley the Cowlick being right there at the top.

The original Turtles were DARK

Most know the turtles as the cute green heroes on a half shell. But they actually got their start in some pretty dark, serious comics. They cussed and were very violent, and actually had a missing to kill The Shredder-


This entire issue

Ole Cudley slurps up the turtles again, but this time, takes them to another dimension, where they get those ridiculous costumes, they fight a four-armed man-dog, Leatherface fights a big man-duck, and the cow ends up spitting up the turtles' weapons and taking them home. In the next issue, Splinter asks what lessons they learned while away. They got nothin' as usual...speaking of the next issue, these two guys are born:

Wingnut & Screwloose

These are two of the wackiest...things to ever grace the ninja turtles comics. A mosquito riding a bat, and they love breaking skylights with rocks. But it's all cool; Krang killed almost everyone on their planet, Huanu, and the turtles hate Krang too, so the enemy of their enemy ends up being their friend.

Shredder “joins forces” with Krang

In this issue, Krang gets the upper hand on Shredder, and somehow manages to become Shredder's head, taking over his body. Krang eventually gets his squishy but taken off the Shredder by the turtles, which results in a very temporary alliance between the turtles and their nemesis.

Raph punches Hitler!

It involves a little time travel and a robotic Hitler from the future going back in time to find his original self, but who cares? Raph hits Hitler!


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