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There were a bevy of announcements during Square Enix's Event, mainly revolving around the release of [Final Fantasy 15](tag:2744989). What drew a lot of excitement was the material that's meant to tie into the main game itself to be released later this year.

One of the biggest announcements was that of a full length CGI feature film, a la Advent Children, called Kingsglaive. Check out the trailer below.


The movie will star Lena Headey as Princess Luna, Sean Bean as King Regis, and Aaron Paul as the soldier Nyx. The movie itself will be available for streaming and download this Fall — before Final Fantasy XV is released. However, it won't be released in theaters. The movie, along with Brotherhood, will tie into the game itself and add backstory for the main characters in Final Fantasy XV.

While no official release date was announced during Square Enix's Uncovered Event, fans can expect this film to come out some time before Final Fantasy XV is released this coming September.


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