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We are well aware that '[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)' is gonna hit theaters in less than a month and the internet is already exploding with numerous fan theories and speculations, one of them surely being it's ending. That's because if 'Civil War' stays true to it's comic roots, then it is probably the last time we're gonna see Chris Evans portray the role of The First Avenger, because if you happen to be an ardent comic reader you already are aware of the fact that Cap is gonna die in the end and then Bucky takes over Cap's position. But since the movies have never stayed loyal to their comic roots it's quite obvious that none of that is gonna happen.

Another factor that has kept the die-hard fans of the genre bouncing off the walls is the potential post-credit scene.

Marvel had come out with the concept of the post-credit phenomenon with Iron Man and has made sure that movie-goers sit through most of the credits just so that they could catch a glimpse or a setup of what could possibly be Marvel's next venture- and as devoted fans, we've been eagerly sitting all through the credits just so that we could know who could possibly be the next new bad-ass in town (and quite recently, Deadpool trolled us for being such dorks, remember?)

Another question that arises in our mind is the number of possible post-credit scenes that the director would leave for us ( sometimes I feel that there is some kind of competition among them for giving us the most number of post-credit scenes).

However, it was no surprise to me when Russo brothers said that there is gonna be not one, not two but three post-credit scenes in 'Civil War'.

As of now no one has the slightest clue as to what the post-credit scenes are gonna be about, but here is my take on what could possibly be the three post-credit scenes:

1. Spider-Man Setup:

We very well know that just recently Marvel bought the rights of Spider-Man from Sony ( which finally gave way for Marvel to introduce Spider-Man in Avengers), but still the individual Spider-Man movies would be made by Sony itself. For obvious reasons, I'm sure that one of the post-credit scene would be a setup for the individual Spider-Man venture. Since Sony gave rights to Marvel, it's pretty obvious that Marvel would make sure that it helps Sony by promoting Spider-Man.

2. Infinity War Setup:

Undoubtedly one the post-credit scenes would absolutely be dedicated for the setup of 'Infinity War'.

They might either show a scene involved with Thanos or some key plot point that would lay some concrete foundation on the way they are gonna show the 'Infinity War'. Though Thanos has no role at all in Civil War, it wouldn't be a surprise if he shows up in the post-credit.

3. Doctor Strange Setup:

Though there is quite a possibility that the third post-credit scene too would involve an Infinity War setup but it is not quite likely because I don't believe they would wanna give away too much for us. That leaves 'Doctor Strange'.

And they would do it because this is the first time Marvel would be handling magic and it would be advisable if they could use it for quite a good setup.

So these were just possible theories and in no way I could be sure if they could make it to the final product.


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