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Throughout the ages of cinema we have been blessed with many films that tell true stories of men and women who fought for what they believed in. Films based on true stories often make money because audiences are thrilled to know that the story that is playing out in front of them is a real one. Film studios also love films based off of true stories because those films turn a profit. This type of film is often the perfect candidate for an Oscar. Even this year the Oscar winner for Best Picture was Spotlight, which was based on a true story. I have decided to offer up four true stories that would make great films if they were ever presented on the big screen.

1. Tesla vs. Edison

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla where rivals throughout their lives. Tesla had worked for Edison, but Edison stole all of his work and took all of the credit that Tesla should have received. These two geniuses were fighting over whose electricity was better and their battle is called the War of the Currents. Edison went so far in trying to prove that Tesla's electricity was dangerous that he electrocuted an elephant to death in front of an audience. The only filmed that ever touched on this feud was The Prestige, but they didn't even scratch the surface. The conflict between these two geniuses would be so fascinating to see on the big screen that it would probably make a great film.

2. Bill Gates And The Foundation Of Microsoft

There have now been two films surrounding Apple's co-creator, Steve Jobs, but there have been no films on the co-creator of Apple's rival company, Bill Gates. You can probably explain that the reason we do not have a film about Bill Gates is that Steve Jobs is a more interesting person with a more unique personality and he also passed away, placing a lot of attention on him. Bill Gates is one of the pioneers of personal computing, along with Steve Jobs. The film would probably be focused on his skills as a business man and how he and Paul Allen started Microsoft together. The creation of Microsoft in the film would probably resemble how Facebook was created in The Social Network in 2011.

3. The Hunt For Blackbeard

Blackbeard is the basis for our perception of pirates and his story is an interesting one too. Blackbeard is arguably the most famous pirate of all time and he earned this title by striking fear in his victims' hearts. He was so scary that people surrendered to him merely on seeing him approach. The authorities where sick of Blackbeard so they set up a search party whose only purpose was to hunt Blackbeard down. The group finally did hunt him down after a very long time at sea. We do not know much about the hunt for Blackbeard since it was so long ago, so the film would have to be very fictionalized, but this does not matter much because apparently the story of Blackbeard is also very fictionalized. The story of the hunt for Blackbeard would be well hailed on the big screen because we haven't seen any pirate films since the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean, which is really romanticized compared to how pirates really were.

4. The Creation Of 'Batman'

Batman is the most iconic superhero of all time — even more famous than Superman or Spider-Man. Until recently, Bob Kane had been credited as the main creator of the fan favorite character, but Bob Finger was in fact the real creator of the character, since he is the one that gave him the backstory, the costume, his villains, the Bat Cave and everything else that makes Batman who he is. Bob Kane is the one that got all the money and Bill Finger never saw a penny of the fortune produced by the legendary character he created. For the first time Bill Finger has been credited as one of the main creators of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and you can see his name in the end credits of that film. The story of the creation of Batman would be interesting because it has a serious conflict between Bill Finger and Bob Kane, since Bill fought for the rights to his character.

What true story do you want to see turned into a movie? Let me know in the comments section.


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