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After reading this article, I bet you wish you hadn't thrown out all those old VHS tapes you had once stacked away for safekeeping in your attic. That's because while we've been preoccupied with all our Blu-ray DVDs, VR headsets, Netflix and Amazon Prime, these relics of the '80s and '90s have been gaining in value like mad.

It appears that the days when your favorite VHS was worth next to nothing are almost gone. In fact, tapes are now considered almost antique, harking back to a time of old technology that seems light-years away.

British publication The Mirror has been speaking to experts who claim that some titles are worth major money. Will Thomas, the managing director of, has said:

“It’s interesting to see how certain VHS tapes have increased in value over the last 50 years or so."

Referring to this out-dated technology as 'antechs,' he also added:

“We feel that these antech items – or antechs – will only become more valuable investments to collectors as time goes on. It might sound strange that something like the VHS is defined as an antech, but when they can command thousands of pounds on account of their rarity, that’s exactly what they are.”

Another VHS collector, David Jinks, spoke to The Independent and even noted that video tapes could be the next vinyl:

“Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums. Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums."

So, are all VHS tapes worth a lot now? Well, prepare to shed real tears because unfortunately your childhood copy of The Lion King or The Goonies probably won't cut it. Instead, it's the films that were banned straight after being released that are really raking in the dollar. Here are some examples:

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (JVI) £1,700 ($2,400)
The Beast in Heat (JVI) £1,360 ($1,950)
Betrayed (Taboo) £1,250 ($1,790)
Celestine (GO) £1,250 ($1,790)
The Legend of Hillbilly John (Rainbow) £1,140 ($1,635)
Journey Into Beyond (Citycenta GO) £1,140 ($1,635)
Lemora, Lady Dracula (IFS) £1,025 ($1,470)
Don't Open the Window (Films of the 80s) £1,205 ($1,730)
Flesh Eaters (Knockout) £910 ($1,304)
Black Decameron (Intervision) £910 ($1,304)

So if you've got a copy The Beast in Heat milling about anywhere, take note — you're probably sitting on an absolute goldmine:

Which VHS tapes do you have in your attic?


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