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1After months of waiting, Steven Universe can look forward to new episodes of the show, though we've still got a while to go until they're released. Steven Universe will return in June, according to a new report by Entertainment Weekly. This will apparently mark the beginning of season 3, and the show will continue until the end of August, but there's no word on how regularly the episodes will air. Seasons 4 and 5 have also been ordered.

This announcement came as a surprise to some fans, but writer Matt Burnett was quick to soothe their concerns on Twitter.

So what can we expect when the show returns? The first episode is called Summer Of Steven, and we've already caught a glimpse at other episodes airing in season 3.

Malachite Returns

In the long gaps between episodes, sometimes fans are treated to legit trailers... and sometimes there's a slightly less-than-legit leak instead. Either way, we get a glimpse at what's in store for the Crystal Gems, and a few weeks ago we got a double dose of leaked clips.

A few months ago, prospective episode titles for season 3 were released, and have since been removed from Wikipedia and all other Steven Universe resources. But thanks to the information, we know that this leak comes from the aptly named Super Watermelon Island. Of course, the title could have been changed thanks to the leaks, and this could actually be a clip from Summer Of Steven. Only time will tell on that front. But most interestingly of all, this leak reveals the return of Malachite, the fused form of Lapis Lazuli and Jasper.

When Lapis Lazuli trapped Jasper into a hate-fusion under the sea, we knew this wasn't the last we'd seen of Malachite.

In the leaked clip, Malachite seems to have formed her own personality, and she's relishing her freedom and new-found fusion powers.

"You're right, there really is something more to this fusion thing. It's not just a cheap trick! You've really shown me a whole world of possibilities. Allow me to thank you..."

Of course, she doesn't have long to celebrate her newfound freedom. The Crystal Gems, fused as Alexandrite, use a new weapon to destablise Malachite's fusion. So what could this mean for Jasper and Lapis? In the next leak, we caught a glimpse of Lapis Lazuli with Steven and Peridot, hinting that she might join the Crystal Gems.

This is something which we suspected would happen, thanks to the legit teaser clip which was released a few months previously. But Jasper's fate remains a mystery, at least until the episodes start airing again in June.

Yellow Diamond's Arrival On Earth

The second clip also hints at Yellow Diamond's final arrival on Earth. In the clip, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Steven are pursued by a probe which seems to be sent by Yellow Diamond herself. The "roaming eye" is no match for Lapis's formidable powers, however, and she soon destroys the machine. But this is just a temporary solution, and it seems as though Yellow Diamond wants to actually kill Peridot for her defiance...

"This is it, Steven! They're going to wipe my precious grin off the face of this planet!"

The question is, will Yellow Diamond stop with just a probe? How long do the Crystal Gems have before she arrives on Earth in person to deal with the situation?

Yellow Diamond could pursue Peridot.
Yellow Diamond could pursue Peridot.

Yellow Diamond still doesn't seem to think the Crystal Gems, or Earth, pose enough of a threat to pay a personal visit. But with Lapis destroying this probe it seems all but inevitable that eventually the Crystal Gems with have to face Yellow Diamond's forces, if not Yellow Diamond herself.

Other Clues & Unanswered Questions

There are plenty of plot threads to be resolved in season 3, and here are just a few of the mysteries we'd like to see solved when the show returns.

With a complex plot and much of the Crystal Gems' backstory still unknown, we can't wait for what developments season 3 has in store for us. Roll on June!


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