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A life in the spotlight isn't for everyone and while some celeb kids (I'm looking at you, Scott Eastwood) are mega well known, others are still trying to break into the biz or pursuing another career altogether.

Below is a roundup of stunning celeb spawn who you probably haven't laid eyes on before. Who do you think is making the best use of their parents' good genes?

The Girls

1. Chloe Rose Lattanzi

Famous Parent: Olivia Newton-John

Age: 30

Career: Singer and actress

2. Hannah Selleck

Famous Parent: Tom Selleck

Age: 27

Career: Show jumper

3. Spencer Richmond

Famous Parent: Jaclyn Smith

Age: 30

Career: Sometime model

4. Dexter Keaton

Famous Parent: Diane Keaton

Age: 20

5. Annie Starke

Famous Parent: Glenn Close

Age: 27

Career: Actress

6. Shayne and Bria Murphy

Famous Parent: Eddie Murphey

Age: 21 and 26

Career: Models

7. Aleksandra Baryshnikova

Famous Parents: Jessica Lange and Mikhail Baryshnikov

Age: 35

Career: Dancer and choreographer

8. Brooke Hogan

Famous Parent: Hulk Hogan

Age: 27

Career: Singer

9. Katherine Schwarzenegger

Famous Parents: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Age: 26

Career: Author

10. Montana Fishburne

Famous Parent: Lawrence Fishburne

Age: 24

Career: Porn star turned stripper turned singer

The Boys

11. Cordell Broadus

Famous Parent: Snoop Dogg

Age: 19

Career: Plays college football

12. Manolo Gonzalez Vergara

Famous Parent: Sofía Vergara

Age: 24

Career: Hoping for a career in film

13. Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

Famous Parents: Daniel Day Lewis and Isabelle Adjani

Age: 20

Career: Model

14. Trey Smith

Famous Parent: Will Smith

Age: 23

Career: DJ

15. Kwame Morris

Famous Parent: Stevie Wonder

Age: 27

Career: Model

16. Beau Cassidy

Famous Parents: David Cassidy and Sue Shifrin

Age: 25

Career: Aspiring actor

17. Rafferty Law

Famous Parents: Jude Law and Sadie Frost

Age: 19

Career: Model

18. Dylan Brosnan

Famous Parent: Pierce Brosnan

Age: 19

Career: Model

Which celebrity kid do you think outshines their famous parent?


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